Things are pretty mellow around here. Half of the A-team (fellow American students) have been gone for a week and the weather isn't exactly motivating me to do much, either. Last night was Jeff's birthday so we took him to a place called the Prater Dome. Thursday night there is Lady's Night so our cover charge was only €3 and we got €10 of free drinks - pretty sweet deal, best "lady's night" special I've ever encountered.

This Prater Dome place reminded me of Disneyland. As usual, I didn't take my camera (I'm always nervous about bringing my camera out with me so I usually leave it behind at home, safe and sound.) but the club was huge and all done up medieval-style. There were four different dance floors with different themes. Some of the other girls took pictures so I'll try to remember to throw them up here sometime. Anyhow, we had a good time and met some cool people.

No big plans for the weekend... I keep waiting for the weather to improve but I think it's about time I give up on that pipe-dream. The Dollar continues to fall against the Euro. I thought it was on the up but it took a turn for the worst just recently. Currently: €1 = $0.75

I'll be making some changes to my post-AHA itinerary due to some minor planning hiccups. I've been pondering some possible solutions the last few days but nothing brilliant has come to me... yet.

The summer job/career quest continues and with classes easing up here, I can dedicate more of my time and attention into a full-on search party. Luckily, the University of Montana has some pretty good resources for job and internship searches.

It's about 11:30pm here and I'm just not in the mood for another outing so I think I'm going to stay in tonight and watch this week's episode of LOST. Tschüss!