The powder just keeps piling up at Copper, making skiers and

riders all smiles, all day long! Last week’s 11 inches of accumulation were met

at the start of this week with another 8, and Mother Nature is showing no signs

of stopping anytime soon. Although you wouldn’t know it with all the sun we’ve

gotten. That’s not unusual, since Copper’s climate is all sun on fresh tracks

during the day followed by new snow overnight - almost all the time. Of course,

the occasional morning or afternoon 

dumps or flurries only end up providing the perfect excuse to warm up in

one of the Village bars and restaurants until it blows over, and then it’s back

on the mountain.


fun as one day at Copper is, imagine waking up for another morning on all that

fresh powder just waiting to be split, carved and shredded. That view, along

with a fresh cup of something warm, and warming, is just the first glance at

another epic day, and it seems built just for you. Renting a condo at the base

is perfect for [Spring Break trips, or even quick] the base for perfect

mountainside adventure, and you can be on first lift after just a short hike -

and no drive! If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for an incomparable

experience as you ride up the mountain, mimicking the sun’s path upwards from

the horizon. Once you’re at the top, it’s freshies all the way down, on powder

just beginning to recognize the sun’s warmth, and begging to be carved again on

another run.


the days get longer, and each one gets a little warmer, the chances to take in

Copper Mountain’s world get fewer and fewer. Strangely enough, it’s during

these times that we receive some of our best snowfall, and conditions are

sometimes closest to perfect. The whole atmosphere has a tendency to inspire a

certain attitude in both the locals and visitors, and you’re as likely as not

to see more than a few skiers and riders speeding by in bikini tops, t-shirts

or even less. If you’re looking for an unforgettable skiing or riding

experience, now is the time. Wax ‘em up, set ‘em down and be prepared to be

inspired. Check out the deals at, or call

866-534-7444 to set yourself up.