so its 4 am i can't sleep, i had one final today, schools over and done. Summer has come and its a time for most of us out of state college kids to go home for the summer to work (mainly for our parents). Well i am 19 and i am trying to get my life together ha. I am stoked i am NOT going home for the summer! i hate those kids who go home every weekend, the kids still living with mommy and daddy at like 25, sorry if thats you. I just got a new apartment here in utah, its awesome. And its not my parents house.

I have been talking to kids i went to high school lately, i have talked to 2 people from grade school since our graduation. I hated my school. But i am starting to talk to kids and i love how awesome it is that all of these kids who treated me like shit are just going home for the summer and working for their dads. I love it, i love that i am doing something with my life! i got a new apartment and i am studying in Germany for a month this summer, way cooler then working in ohio all summer.

I was the regect, the biggest loser, the fat ugly kid with NO friends at my school. So i love that i am doing something with my life and all of these kids aren't doing shit. I over came so much in school, i had a learning disorder growing up, and was in "support" classes all the way to the end of my junior year of high school. I got into every school i applied to, and no one ever thought i would ever goto college.

I am stoked on my life at the moment, it feels great to prove everyone wrong!

I just want everyone to work hard and that you can do anything you set your mind to. don't let people tell you otherwise!

Live your own life, be the best you can be, prove everyone wrong!!!!

believe me its awesome telling kids i am going to europe for 6 weeks while they are stuck in HUMID HOT ohio.

Sorry for all of the typos, i am lazy and i suck at spelling