I did a photoshoot with Riley Snyder recently that included limes and a organic Park City setting. This was the most creative and unusual concept for a shoot that I've done to date. It all started as a joke... Riley and I were brain storming ideas for the shoot and he began by asking me about myself and anything that is prevalent to my life as of late. I blurted out, "well, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, we could have me crushing a bunch of limes!" My dear friend Ashley Battersby laughed out loud, loving the metaphor and play on words. Riley agreed it was a unique idea and we should give it a shot. And that's where the idea was born... "Angi shows limes (Lyme) who is boss."Here is assistant Oakley Shea and I rolling limes, to make crushing them a little easier.

"Let the crushing begin." Me with lime in hand.
It was such a fun shoots thanks to Riley and Oakley. Toe stand was a must!
To check out the finished products, go to Rileysnyderphoto.com and click on Portraits. Scroll through and you'll find me at photo 6, 18 and 30. Recently EXPN posted an article on me written by Molly Baker (talented journalist, friend and fellow skier & Atomic team rider), where I open up about living with Lyme Disease. Check it out at http://espn.go.com/action/freeskiing/news/story?id=5681374Enjoy :-)