And. Not an ending, but a continuation.

I discovered the world and this sport now so many years ago. I remember being in middle school, in the midst of a teen identity crisis, when suddenly I realised 'I should just be a skier'. And from then on I was.

And. Now I sit and type.

Never take life to seriously.

Always do whatever puts a silly grin on your face.

Next month, I've decided to try to live without a phone, facebook or any of the luxuries I've become so used to. Think of it as my way of trying to simplify. And there's a chance I'll keep it something like that. My life has taken more than a few twists and turns off what I thought was an almost preordained path, and I want to know where my new one goes. I'll likely be around - probably cruising around on an alias - as all the old timers do. Might even post a few. NS, I am grateful. There's not a walking off into the sunset in skiing. But I kinda like the idea of taking my final bow to go off and find nirvana by making the best skis in the world for skiers who ski like I do.

And. Its not an ending. Only the next chapter.