This is a quick post but while the weather is bad here i’ve been working on learning some new skills.  I decided to learn how to make 360 degree sperical panoramas.  Here is a link to the first one that I tried out, click and drag with the mouse to view the room.  Created using 8 photos.  6 photos from left to right to make up 360 degrees , and then one photo straight up and one straight down.  Stitched together using a program called PTGui with a bit of time and patience…..  Shot with a Canon 5dMKII ( though the resolution if it is overkill, the full frame is important) and a Sigma 15mm fisheye.  You need to make a few modifications to your tripod setup though so the camera rotates around the lens’ nodal point (or no-parralax point depending on who you ask)

Always good to have new skills to fill in your spare time, you never know when this will come in handy.