I doubt it will hit 60 today. I think it is in the low 50's at the moment. I'm wearing fleece pants and a hoody at the moment. I was very excited to hear the news. Snow levels around 9000 feet. So great when your mountain goes to 11,000 something. So here I am thinking about snow.Looking at the new Armada gear.Looking up all the upcoming rail jams.So far we most likely have Buck Off at Mt. High (may or may not happen) Hot Dogz and hand rails. USC rail jam. Beanies and Bikinis. DC does one, but I forget when. Then of course all the movie premiers... I feel like I should just stay in LA, but alas, I have a full time job in the summer in Mammoth. That is a hard thing to come by. So I will do my best to make it to all of these.On the plus side, I have enough $$$ to get the new ARVw's this year. So stoked, and they have a fleece that I want as well. If only Footloose was still an Armada vendor.