Douglas Houston, Whoo, whoo! It was a hard fought battle for the question that would rule the land but Tim made his decision. Douglas now gets a fully customized poster (only one in the whole world) signed by Tim and is the owner of a limited edition Saga Hambuger tall-tee. Below Tim answers the questions you asked, there were A LOT, thank you for the support! 

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Let the madness begin.


-park or pow shredding??

Pow Shredding please.  Park skiing has to stop getting so ridiculous sometime soon or its gonna just be aerials all over again.  Skiing needs to be pushed in the backcountry where possibilities are utterly endless.

-Why do you use poles sometimes and not poles other times? Is it just day to day preference or a certain style your going for?

Most powder days where I am at Bachelor, I ride without poles.  Mainly because there are so many hand dragging opportunities at Bachelor and they are so much funner without poles.  I do like the balance that riding with poles offers, but there is something about the feeling of not skiing with poles that I really really enjoy, so when I am just skiing and goofing off I roll no poles often. 

        When I flail with poles in my hands I feel like I look way more whack than if I was doing it without poles.  I feel like the natural movement of my hands to balance myself instead of relying on poles looks more natural. An example is any snowboarder or any surfer using his hands to balance the positions of his body as it moves with the flow of the snow and water respectively.  I watch snowboarders and they will land with there hands above there head, but if they are flying off a hundred foot jump at 50 Mph. it just looks natural.  I dunno if that makes sense, but I will move on to a less serious question now.

-pterodactyl or tyrannosaurus rex?

Pterodactyl, obviously, they make modern day birds look like gigantic pussies, even the albatross looks like a vagina when compared to the pterodactyl.

-Why SAGA?

SKI AND GET ASS… (haha I promise that is not why we named it saga!)

-Butter or margarine?

 Is margarine like vegetable spread? I will go with butter, because the name “vegetable spread” makes me feel uncomfortable.

-Besides your self hahaha, who is the best skier out there?

 Eric Pollard

-What brought you to highly embrace 2bi4 and is there any chance you will come to visit 2bi4 east?

I met this kid named Creighton, and embraced his outlook on skiing, and his abilities to be the best coach Windell’s has ever had the chance of garnering.  As soon as we started making video posts on Ashely Battersby’s Facebook I knew that 2bi4 was going to be a huge part of my life.  I wanted to follow Creighton out East this year, but had some scheduling conflicts, but If Creighton couldn’t find a ride back west for the summer, I promised him I would drive out and pick him up.


-Do you cook by the book?

You’ve gotta

-How do sponsored skiers make their money besides winning comps. and rail jams? Do their sponsors pay them?


-Why kind of wheel’s you riding one?

Uh, no I haven’t learned how to unicycle yet.

-You excited for Windells?

YES.  I will elaborate… Windell’s is getting a rope tow, which means no more hiking in the summer? I will probably ski more this summer than in the past 4 I have coached combined!

-What is the greatest invention since sliced bread???

“this phrase is the ultimate depiction of innovative achievement and American know-how”

-Jack Nicholson now…or 1976?

Hmmmm does the category 1976 include the movie “The Shining”? I know it wasn’t filmed until 1980… but I did read “The One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” so that could count for something..  Maybe I should just go watch the movie and this question will get a little easier to answer.

-gypsy or g-unit?

Pardon me gypsy, could I trouble you for some trinkets and wares?

-East Coast or West Coast?
Biggie or Pac?
NWA or Wu-Tang?



how do you stay motivated to work on making your tricks and riding consistent? It would help me with the kids i coach ! thanks

just stay focused, when your friends wanna go home early cuz the weather is shit, say you wanna stay and rip a few more laps without them.  Unless they gave you a ride, then you should probably stick with them unless you don’t mind hitch hiking.

-Adrienne or Tim?


-White or WholeWheat Bread?
Candles, lights or lantern?

Whole wheat, it makes me poop better, and candles always set the mood… remember that.

-Oh, and 44 days is the sickest movie but I can’t find it on DVD anywhere, I just downloaded it.

Uhm… why are you complaining?

-can I have the prize?
 Oh and how did you get good at park skiing at Alyeska, did you guys just hit natural hits all day?

No. I moved to Mt. Bachelor and rode 140 days of park my senior year.  But I will credit the natural terrain of Alyeska for making me learn to ski better.

-Get loose or get rich?

Get loose, don’t need money to have a good time.

-Sirloin or Tenderoni? Lotion or Ointment? Jabberwacky or Sasquatch?

Sirloin….Ointment…and Jabberwocky, because if it existed, it would make pterydactyls look like huge pussies!

-Up Or Down??

that’s what she said

-Yo, i have an unusual last name, Botzojorns, and so do you, my parents combined names to create mine. What origin or combination is Durtschi? Also i have no idea how tall you are, but with the ever evolving ski community, there are obviously going to be more and more tall people skiing. Most companies don’t make outerwear or skis big enough for tall peeps, what dis you opinion about this?

Saga is a good proponent of technical outerwear with a comfortable baggy fit.  So because you are tall, I am glad you are on the saga website and partaking in activities like this question asking contest thingy.  Durtschi is Swiss Italian. I am 6’2” with ski boots on.  I am happy Saga makes bigger clothes, even though I did ski in jeans once, it felt funny, but I enjoyed it.  If Saga made jeans, I would ride in them.

-Which Turner Classic Movie best describes your life?

I have been to busy living in “The Now” to watch many of these… but I do respect early film making, great stuff.

-angry pirate or donkey punch??

I had to actually look up the angry pirate because I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, and in doing so I learned about the “Sarah Palin Donkey Punch”.  It made me laugh a lot.  I won’t explain it but if you are curious its on

-when can i come hang with you and ju ju?

Whenever you want, we like to have coffee in the mornings, so that would be a good time, and at night we like to BBQ chicken and pork, your always welcome.

-So what is your favorite pokemon? Fire type or Water type?

Fire type for sure. Charmander is a Pimp

-Hoodo or Ski Bowl?

Ski Bowl has the best powder riding available in Oregon.  So amazing on a deep day. I haven’t had the chance to ski Hoodoo so I can’t compare, so is that fair?

-Halfmoon or Horseshoe?

Horseshoe.  I did my first ten eighty on horseshoe, first 720, wow, some of the best memories of skiing I have are from sessions on Horshoe, not saying that Halfmoon wasn’t also sessioned, but definitely horseshoe is more memorable.  Its funny cause halfmoon is above horseshoe, so I would usually just blast through halfmoon and do backflip or a 360 then really push myself on horsehoe.  I am hoping that we can get my alyeska demo tape online, would be funny to see because theres shots from horshoe on that video! Its from like year 2000.

-Full House or Family Matters?

Full House, the cast was one in a million, I mean who loves their uncle more than DJ Tanner? Answer… NO ONE.  Who did I want to lose my virginity to more than anyone in the world… answer DJ Tanner

-Do you do BMX or mtb freeride??


blonde or brunette


 My girlfriend is a brunette

Who was your biggest influence and now that you have made it, have you met your biggest fan?

I met some cool fans at barnes and noble randomly. My biggest influence was watching poor boyz movies when I was 15 years old.

mit ihcstrud (tim durtschi backwards) is this a question?

Wow, and no I didn’t know this. But it does sound rather talibanish.

mullet or mohawk?

mullets, you don’t need hair gel.

What’a your favorite moment so far in your career as a skier?

Jumping pyramid gap, and doing a crazy trick over it.

invaders or antems?

these are line ski models right?

When you invented the flying butress move did you or did you not have your saga outerwear suit on? And do you eat your veggies everyday?

Yes the first buttress I did was in a saga suit, and Austin actually made up the trick, but I commondered the switch buttress.  Are vegetables a part of the food pyramid? Then yes I eat veggies every goddamn day.

Your switch 10 in the backcountry was innovative, taking park tricks to the backcountry. you’re known for sweet bc style, so what other park tricks would you like to take to the backcountry, either off natural stuff or booters?

Any trick that is do in the park, I want to do in the backcountry, except double cork 1260 because that trick looks to spinny

which do you like better
triscuts or wheat thins????
black or white socks????
powder or groomed????
pencil or pens????

wheat thins, black socks so they don’t look dirty, powder obviously, and pens cuz the tip don’t break.

Let A, B be two m x n matricies. Assume that AX = BX for all n-tuples X. Show that A = B

uhm… A does equal B, I swear

Landis or William Shatner?


would you rather have light or regular mayonnaise on a turkey,salami,lettuce,tomato,onion,pickle,swiss,cheddar,provolone,pepper,
cucumber,mustard,ranch,relish,potato,avocado,lemon,lime, horse radish,red beat,purple beat,coconut, pumpkin,squid,tuna,sardine,peanut butter,jelly,chocolate chip,baked beans,soy sauce, eggplant,thousand island,ginger,crushed ginger,green olives,stuffed olives,pesto,tabasco,green salsa,red salsa,gold fish,scrambled eggs,fried eggs,poached eggs,egg yokes,sliced banana,dog food,strawberry yogurt,vanilla yogurt,peach yogurt,key lime pie yogurt,sausage,hotdog,roast beef,steak,and toe nails????

I want to see this sandwich.   If you made this sandwich and showed me a picture of it I would be so stoked, and we would feature it on the blog. But to awnser your question light mayo.

What’s the meaning of life?

Well son, you will have to quest through life and find the answer for yourself.

What are your oppinions on the new trend of tight pants in skiing?

I like tight pants.  I have nothing against them, and 90 percent of my friends wear tight pants. 

Do u like purple drank????

Only the soda.

It seems that we have much in common due to the fact that my name is also Tim and I also enjoy scrabble. This last similarity spawns the question-
While playing scrabble are you more conservitive and try to get to double and triple letter score or do you go crazy and try for the double and triple word score? 

I always try to get bingos, and try to average 20 points a turn.  I played the word SAGA once, it was excitting.

Hey Tim,

I was wondering what gets you stoked to wake up every morning and head to the hill, and what you think about the state of skiing today? 

I think there is tons of potential in the Backcountry, now that almost every company has a sick light trick pow ski that things will start progressing there a lot more.  I get stoked when the weather report says 5 inches or more of fresh, especially at Bachelor, because even with two inches and some gusty winds, it means windlips galore.

Wu-tang Clan or Run DMC? 


Hi Tim. 

My names Josh Herant and Im from the UK! yes we have so little snow - not enough even to ski on now, yet we can still shread as hard on the dry and indoor as anyone else! One day you should visit, we dont have those superpipes or anything like 60ft kickers + yet we have to make do, as long as we still get to shred!  


If you have done. 5 thing you’ve forgotten after blacking out ? 

Breaking 5 things, eating 5 things I shouldn’t have eaten,  and 5 places I shouldn’t have pissed(including on myself)

And to follow what was you Worst Bail ? 

I ran into a tree once

What else floats your boat appart from skiing ?  

A foamy latte, and some extra curricular activities

What are your funnyest times whilst skiing ? 

Skiing with my friends at bachelor, damian garcia and Justin bliech

What was the scariest thing you’ve ever done? are you proud to have done it? 

I hit pyramid gap and did a jon ollson, I am proud

Ever tried Tombstoning?  


Where do you mount your bindings on your skis?


How has Tom Wallisch directly affected your life?

He told me that backcountry was queer once, and then later that week I tried out for the show “Queer eye for the backcountry skier guy”

What comes into your mind and is considered when creating a new Saga. Piece?

Colors, shapes, patterns, fit design….. cheese filled pasta

What sports did you play in High School?

Cross country running

Who would win a fight between you and your sister?

My sister

Could the winner of that fight beat Chuck Norris?


What motivated your team change to Atomic?

Good friends, closer relationships, better powder skis, and chance to make a movie with kris ostness

Favorite thread on


Favorite NS member?


Favorite post ever?

Something containing the N word

Favorite movie segment ever?

Pep 1242, jake Blauvelt forum or against em

Favorite personal movie segment?


Favorite gatorade flavor?


Favorite fast food chain?

It changes yearly, right now im into taco bell

Pro skier that is the craziest?

LJ strenio

Pro skier you would never want to wrestle in fake sumo suits?

Brad Holmes

Your sisters cell number?

I don’t know it by heart, but you can ask her on newschoolers haha.

Favorte Saga. clothing combo?

Blue pants Purps Jacket

Are Saga. Tall-T’s in the works?


Who are potential riders for Saga.?

Anyone who kills skiing all around. I think we pick skiers with a lot of creativity and who are committed to skiing.

What is your advice for riders trying to get outerwear sponsors such as Saga. which are hard to score? 

Keep killing it, be creative, have your own style don’t copy, love skiing and do it everyday you can

When are you going to have a pro model from Atomic? 

Hopefully soon, but right now I am happy with the Bentchelter, It’s the most versatile backcountry ski I’ve ever skied.

Were you a straight A student or the class clown? 

I skipped school to ski, and was a clown on the mountain.

How did you meet Landis Tanaka? 

True story, our parents were friends in college and skied together, then they had kids, so we all hung out. I’ve known landis since he was 5 and he used to be a little chubby boy.

If given the opportunity would you do X Games again? 

Yes, but the snow is really good in January so maybe not

So I have read that Tim has been largely influenced by Travis Rice’s video Thats it Thats All. I have seen the movie, and was wondering if Tim ever has ambitions to create a movie/seggy that will mimic the epicness of Thats it Thats All? 

I just need a banger sponser(redbull), and I would totally do that haha, I have the motivation for sure.

Forget all the questions praising you as god of skiing, how about a question about you on the realms of a normal person.  What in life brings you the most happiness aside from skiing and what are you most thankful for (non skiing related) ?   

Definitely the women in my life, my mother, Grandmother and my Girlfriend Julie.  Its nice to have women in your life and not just bro’s bro. Bro?


The raw print, you can’t see the question that is overlaid in the background but it’s there.