A few days ago, I decided it would be fun to give away our very last pair of Windells Custom Nike 6.0 Kicks.  It was shortly after publishing the story that my email was being flooded with kids from around the World sending me their 14 reason on why Windells is The Funnest Place on Earth.  The most legit answer will be the new owners of the size 14 Nike’s and a bunch of the runner ups are going to receive a sweet DVD in the mail.  As you can see, the winners name is listed on the picture!  Justin, your Windells Custom Nikes are in the mail coming your way!

Thanks to everyone for the support and listed below are a couple of my favorite “14 Reasons”

1) You can skate, bmx, roller blade, scooter, do whatever you want on all of the jumps.

2) There are contests every day, on hill or off hill, no matter what you usually get something!

3) You can learn all the flips you want in the foam pit, or the air bag.

4) Meet pros and get awesome tips from them!


6) Snowboarding in the summer, with the park of your dreams.. except its REAL! with a tow rope!

7) Play paintball with pros and friends and brag about how you got to shoot eiki helgason in the face with paintball gun, and not get in trouble!

 Awesome dance partys! Sponser nights!

9) Meet awesome new friends

10) Get to chug milk till you throw up, but you can WIN a board!

11) Play knockout with 200  people!

12)  rome slasher night.. hiding under and on top of cars, roofs, until you have to run like hell!

13) demo all of next years product for free! and even win some of next years product

14)finally.  the staying up late in your cabin, trying to take revenges in the middle of the night on councelor chuck ! and just screwing around and having fun with your friends!


Windells is the siickest place, You see in on the face

of every camper stopping by, and every shredder flying high

Windells uhhh, You know what this is

Windells uhhh, Funner than “The Diz”

The Whole campus is a park, Shred ride and skate til dark

Grab a demo that makes your eyes pop, Its a place where the fun always stays

duh duh duhnn duh dunn duhnn duh dunn

Innnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised

the Prince of Bel Air know it’s worth the craze

At Windells you’ll have your best of days, Its a place where the fun always stays

Windells uhhh, You know what this is

Windells Uhhh, Will make your hair frizz

The Heshin Delicatessen’s got the best, Those rad cooks know more than the rest

They’ve got the vegetarians and vegans backs, and their breakfasts are better than Denny’s short stacks.

The Diggers got their dogs, and the coaches go their blogs

The drivers got their flows, and the staffs got their pros

Windells Uhhh, You know what this is

Windells Uhh, This cap is straight bizz

You mkae the best of friends, and count your new skills by tens

If you scrape up your knee, Nurse Maggie says “count on me”

Windells uhhh, You know what this is

Windells uhhh, Sentence ending in izz

When you’re on Mt Hood, You know whats good

Eat lunch by the crevasse, and munch some tater tots

Almost no rules, cause we got no fools

be a windells cat, and get a Dexter’s store hat.

A sponsor night, is better than alright

they’re actually pretty tight, win everything except a kite

When you skate up to BOB, Give Nike 6.0 a nod

They’ve got Rock Band, From your friends you’ll get a hand.

Windells Uhhh, You know what this is

Windells uhhh, Too bad my name ain’t Liz

I could me this rap go on forever, But that’d be a ridiculous endeavor

Because I’d miss the next Windells Session, and I gotta keep my shreddin freshin’

Windells uhhh, You know what this is

Windells uhhh, This place is the SHIZZ

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