Well I'm pretty disappointed in myself for taking so long to write another blog. The only reason I haven't written in so long is because no crazy or awkward situations have happened to me lately at least nothing blog worthy. Except for the other day at like 3 in the morning me and my friend went into a gas station to grab some MD and we were in my car and this drunk bitch comes smacking on my window. So I roll down the window and I go can I help you and the lady was like yes do you guys want to earn some extra cash. First thing that made my imagination think was that I could smell the alcohol on here. 2nd was that when usually when someone asks if you want to make so extra cash it either involves having sex or doing something highly illegal. The first thing that came to my mind was that she wanted to bang me or my friend or both of us. This chick was about 40 years old very ugly and you could tell she smoked a pack a day at least. Well she actually got kicked out of her boyfriends apartment and needed a ride. I said I had to go somewhere and I couldn't give her a ride. Well we thought she had walked elsewhere so me and my friend sat in my car laughing at what just happened and start to think about what we would do for the rest of the night. Well about 10 minutes later that same chick walks out of the gas station and comes banging on my window. Now I was scared. So I roll down my window again and she asks the same thing obviously to hammered to remember she had already asked us. Once again I told her I had to leave but this time she offered some cash and a pack of smokes. I still had to refuse because A. I don't smoke B. The only cash she probably had on her was coins and C. I don't want a fat drunk chick in the back of my car saying random stuff. Well this time we actually saw her walk off. So me and my friend sat there some more and laughed again. So about another 10 minutes we see her walk back AGAIN! This chick wouldn't give up. Or at least we thought. While throwing my car into reverse to get away from her I see her pass out right in the middle of the parking lot. We left drove back there a couple minutes later seeing her still passed out with the gas station workers on the phone. So this concludes my horrible blog but I thought some people might get a laugh of out it so ENJOY!