What up NS.

The 617 collective has landed in Burlington VT, finally, for the 07/08 season. It was an interesting transition for us. Eastar5, 617 founder, spent much of the last month in and out of hotels while trying to get a crib on lock down. Finding a place just in enough time to avoid a bout with a 300lb former pedophile priest. He is currently gearing up to begin work on the 617 film, and mastering the art of poaching as he works 3 jobs.

I, Ben Perry, have been living in a sketchy ass old frat house, frequented by crack heads and a look of disapproval from anyone who might catch you walking out the front door. I think the cult like church on the third floor of this place speaks enough to the superior level of sketchiness that emanates from this place. After threats of court from the landlord, for calling them out on a major breach of contract they tried to pull, they end my lease and give three days to be out. Karma pwnd them with a goey splash of justice to the eye though. Me and 2 buddies landed a HOUSE for the same rent.

With more then enough room to provide for both our "lifestyle" needs and business endevours, it was like Burlington had apologized for giving us a harsh introduction.

However, events of epic proportions have taken place that far out shadow anything that might have brought us down, or caused us to question passing up opportunities to spend the season in CO. Back to Back night sessions on snow, with the sun setting over the lake in the background. A technical urban at the corner of every street asking to be slayed. A large scale grouping of some of the best riders from the Eastern States, all waiting in great anticipation to see what winter has in store.

We have already met many of you, and it's looking like it could be one of the most legit seasons the East has ever seen.

The 617 collective will be doing it's part and it is our hope that you do the same.