The day after the Orage Masters gives friends and team members time to sit around and do a lot of nothing. We were sitting with Orage riders Corey Vanular, Kim Lamare, and JF Houle and decided that instead of doing a stale, question/answer interview, we would just talk and type it all out as fast as we could. Some things were definitely missed, and some quotes may be paraphrased, but hey, you get the point. These three riders are on their way to the top, killing it at the Masters yesterday, and being invited to top-level photo shoots. Here's what they had to say.

Cast in order of appearance

Harvey is Matt Harvey

Corey is Corey Vanular

Kim is Kim Lamare

JF is JF Houle

Iannick is Iannick B.

Amy is Iannick's girlfriend

Chris is CK O'Connell

Felix is Felix Rioux

Corey Vanular on the left, Kim Lamare in the middle (Sophie from Orage helps her do her hair in lieu of having two useable hands), and JF Houle on the right.

Harvey: Why are you here in Mammoth?

Corey: I'm here in Mammoth to ski a sick park... and for an Orage photo shoot.

Kim: Pass.

JF: I'm here first for a photo shoot with Felix --

Kim: To ski, have fun, take pictures, and my stupid thumb is f--ked.

Harvey: What'd you do to your thumb?

Kim: I broke it. I fell on a jump. I wanted to do a 360 but I thought I was going to fall on my face so I just tucked up. [I saw it from the lift and it looked like a massive corked 7 to death]

Harvey: How was the night rail jam last night?

Corey: I thought it was pretty sick but it hurt.

Harvey: Why, what happened?

Corey: I fell on my back onto wooden stairs.

Harvey: Why'd you do that?

Corey: Because I caught my front edge.

Harvey: Bummer.

Corey: Yeah I know I was pissed.

JF: It was a sick setup.

Harvey: Did you win anything?

JF: Yeah $500. I loved the concept of the rail jam. When you do cool tricks people give you $100. It's sick man.

Harvey: Kim, what'd you think?

Kim: I dunno I was in surgery for my dumb thumb. Seven hours in the hospital.

Harvey: Was there anyone at the hospital with you?

Kim: Yeah a lot of people. Hans, Julien, Tony, Elina, Iannick, Amy, Bennoit, Casabon, his brother, his father.. I think that's it.

Harvey: Hans from Armada?

Kim: Yes.

Harvey: So I hear you're riding for Armada now...

Kim: Yeah ... JP Auclair really wanted me to ride for them, so he hooked me up.

Harvey: Corey, did you pick up last night?

Corey: No.

Harvey: JF, what about you?

JF: No.

Harvey: Kim?

Kim: no I was in the hospital.

Harvey: Is this your first time here?

JF: Yeah.

Harvey: What'd you think?

JF: Mammoth is a sick place to ski man. Sickest park.. all the jumps are well made with nice transitions.. and I like the big wall ride man.

Corey: I think their park is sick for how late in the year it is.

JF: It's the best park Iv'e ever ridden.

Kim: It's sick even if I didn't get to ride it a lot.

Harvey: What do you think of our hotel room?

Corey: This question sucks.

JF Houle slays the down rail at the Orage Masters

Harvey: What's the ski scene like here in Mammoth, as apposed to Canada?

Kim: The temperature.. it's so hot here... and the people are fat.

JF: It's just sunny all day here man. [makes random noises]

Corey: They give you six nuggets in canada, but here they give you 10.

Harvey: What about the McDonalds BBQ sauce here?

Kim: It's bad.

JF: 21 and over to go the bar sucks man. In canada it's 18. It sucks man.

Corey: Oh you can go to the bar in Canada?

JF: Yeah man. In Quebec.

[Iannick and Amy enter]

Harvey: Iannick, what do you think of these three up and comers who can't even get into bars in the states?

Iannick: I think it's bullshit.

Harvey: The question was about their riding ability.

Iannick: Seriously. I think it's bullshit that they do all the parties in the bars. Cause three quarters of the people can't even get in. But uhh..

Harvey: How's the dog?

Amy: He's missing. We got a phone call.

Iannick: No he's not missing.

Amy: He's back now. He was missing but he's been found.

Iannick: Let's talk about girls in skiing. Do you think girls can make it?

Amy: why weren't there any girls in the comp?

Corey: I dunno why there were no girls in the comp.

Amy: Do you think it's cause girls aren't good enough?

Corey: I don't know. They just.. I don't know.

Amy: Should there have been a girls team?

Corey: Yeah.

Amy: But could they compete?

Corey: I dunno maybe.

Iannick: My sister says hi... and she says... "we want to know what happend in the comps.. we looked on Newschoolers and it says you got third".. my sister is up to date.

Harvey: So back to the girls team...

Amy: Cause no team camptain picked any girls.

Kim: yeah

Iannick: I don't think girls are up there yet. If there was a girl good enough to put on the team, I would've picked her.

Amy: Kim's good enough.

Iannick: But kim would you hit the kink rail?

Kim: yeah. [nods head furiously]

Iannick: Pretty hard kink rail though.

Amy: Iannick has to see it to believe it.. I would try it straight on.

Iannick: well you can try it.

Chris: we tried to have a girls division.

Iannick: One girl on each team would be cool.

Kim: Yeah.

Harvey: three guys one girl?

Iannick: Yeah.. keeps the team tight.

Kim: [nods]

Iannick: There aren't too many girls like Kim... none of the girls I know would've done all of the rails in there. I think it'll come. Skiing needs girls like Kim to push things.

JF: One girl per team would be good.

Chris: How good is that bed eh? [motions to Amy sitting on the bed]

Amy: Yeah it's sick.

Iannick: You guys have the love suite.

Harvey: How's skiing private school, Corey?

Corey: It's good. Cause I get to ski a lot.

Amy: Do you think you'd be where you are now if you didn't go to private shcool?

Corey: No way.

Amy: What are the coaches like?

Corey: They're pretty good. They know a lot about the tricks and take offs and landings..

[Iannick starts takling about an article he was supposed to write for D-Structure, but Amy grabbed the computer and wrote it for him. Then Iannick told her that he put his name on it, she got mad, then he told her he was joking, and they made up.]

Iannick: How is it coming out of Quebec as an athlete. How do you get on top?

JF: I have no idea.

Harvey: What skier form quebec will be big?

JF and Kim: Charles Gagnier.

Harvey: Pour quoi?

JF: He does new things on rails that no one has seen before like one footers.

Kim: He has really good style

Iannick: He pushes it instead of trying to copy other people.

Amy: Sorry, I tuned out.

Chris: [SNEEZ] Excuse me.

Harvey: Where are you from?

Corey: Niagara Falls, Canada

Amy: Corey looks like a nick to me.

Harvey: what's a nick?

Amy: He looks like his name should be Nick.

Harvey: Oh.

Iannick: You're from niagara falls? Did you do that curve that Phil did?

Corey: No. I don't do rails there. That was the only time there was snow. It barely snows. That was a freak accident.

Iannick: What about ice rinks?

Corey: What?

Harvey: For snow..

Corey: Actually I've done that once. We built this huge ramp into this tiny little rail and got snow from the ice rink.

Amy: Who's been sittin' on the mammoth?

Corey: What?

Harvey: What?

Amy: Turpin was on the mammoth.

Iannick: No, Josh was on the mammoth.

Amy: I bet not too many kids know that a mammoth is an elephant.

Iannick: It's not an elephant, it's a mammoth. It's a decedent of the elephant.

Amy: But it looks identical.

Harvey: Do you believe in darwinism?

Corey: No.

Harvey: Why not?

Corey: Oh yeah I do.

Iannick: I showed Amy a genetic programming algorithm yesterday... --

[Iannick goes into an indepth account of genetic programming. Harvey stops typing.]

Harvey: NEW TOPIC!

Iannick: You can tell Corey went to school. What have you guys been doing.. working on

Harvey: Yes. NEW TOPIC!

Harvey: What kind of lip balm are you using?

JF: Berry, man

Kim: man.. man.. man [taunting JF]

Harvey: Is it good?

JF: Oh yeah!

Amy: Kim, did you get your pills?

Kim: Yeah.

Amy: Did you take any?

Kim: One.

Amy: Did they make you feel weird?

Kim: The big one does.

Harvey: What are the pills for?

Kim: Pain and swelling.

Harvey: For you thumb?

Kim: Yeah!

Amy: You get your cast on tomorrow?

Kim: Yeah. Doctor Perry will put it on in the morning I hope.

Iannick: Who's Doctor Perry?

Amy: The doctor that helped Kim and Phil Casabon.

Harvey: What happened to Phil?

Corey: He hurt his collorbone.

Kim: He broke his humerous.

Iannick: Yeah that big bone in your arm.

Harvey: Bummer. How'd he do it?

Corey: 270 at the rail jam.

Iannick: Was that box pretty hard to 270 on?

JF: Yeah.

Corey: Your 450 was sick.

JF: Thanks.

Amy: How much cash did you take home?

JF: $500

Amy: And you got 2?

Corey: Yeah I got $200.

Iannick: The way it was.. the first people that busted the trick got the money.

Amy: And then at the end, they just needed to get rid of it really fast.

Iannick: Not me.

Amy: You ran off and spent it at the hospital.

Iannick B. and Amy

Harvey: Is it true that Phil's mom called to tell Phil to put his helmet on?

Iannick: Yeah during practise day.. she was watching the live feed on Newschoolers and saw Phil without a helmet and she called Phil's dad to tell Phil to wear a helmet.. right after he went through the park.

Harvey: Let's rap this up.

Iannick: What do you mean rap this up? Are you crazy?

JF: What does 'rap this up' mean?

Amy: Finish.

Harvey: Kim?

Kim: [moves her eyebrows around] Speachless.

Corey: We should go to the hot tub.

Kim: Yeah.

Amy: Yeah.

JF: yeah.

Iannick: Nooooooooo. Last year some kids shit and peed in all the hot tubs all over Whistler. So now I never go into them.

corey: We know who you are.

[Enter Felix]

Felix: Hey you've got a cool place. What's going on?

Harvey: Hey felix, how was dinner by yourself? You can yell at me if you want. [Felix had to eat by himself because we showed up two hours late]

Felix: Oh it was your fault?

Harvey: No it was definitely Iannick's.

Iannick: Harvey never reminded us.

Felix: You only have two chairs in here?

Harvey: Sorry we didn't get the luxery suite.

Iannick: Want to see amy without a tooth?

[Amy takes out her fake tooth.]

Felix: What happened to your tooth?

Amy: It was on Halloween a little while ago. Some frinds of mine pulled up in a car and we were hiding in the bushes. We threw eggs at their car as a joke, but they didn't know it was us cause we were hiding. So they started throwing rocks at us and one of them hit me in the mouth.

corey: Yeah hot tub.. JF.. want to go? ... let's go.


Corey: Screw all of you. I'm going to the hot tub.

The End.