Since I didn't do any of my chores over the summer, my mom grounded me out of my computer and car key priveleges, to which I said, "No NS?"  I missed this site, I really did, and for two weeks the best I could do was get on in school to check my messages.  I was also quite pleased to watch my karma rise even though I didn't do shit.  That was pretty awesome, hehe.

But anyways, now I'm back and this is one of my first posts, just talking about what I've been up to.

Labor Day weekend, oh God.  My friend Charlie and his family own a sailboat, not one of those loud polluting power boats, so he and his dad along with me and our friend Evan decided to go on an epic adventure to Block Island.  Sadly, I have few pics, from what I could scrounge from facebook.  I'll edit a video into this when I make it.

We got to the boatyard on Friday night and stayed at the dock.  His boat, which is about 30 feet, had room for all of us to sleep.  Super sick.  I smoked weed for the first time in the boatyard with them (zomg!) because I felt it was time to see what it was like, accept a new "culture" or something.  I don't know, but it happened.

The next morning we got up early, but not early enough to beat the change of the current.  Out by Watch Hill and Stonington is a bottleneck through which the current goes back and forth.  We were unfortunate enough to catch it on the incoming, so motoring out into the ocean was a bitch and took forever, but we were in a good mood and let Charlie's dad, Jay, drive the boat.  We just stood on the bow and made accopella remixes of songs we know.  Twas a good time.

Luck was not on our side once again, because we got out past Fisher's Island and there was no wind.  None.  We ended up motoring all the way to the Block, which took forever!  On top of that it was drizzling and I had forgotten my raincoat (the one thing I forgot) so I had to stay belowdecks.  I tried to instill some grafitti skills upon Evan and Charlie (even though I'm pretty awful myself) and after that they promptly fell asleep, with Charlie macking on my pillow.  Sitting belowdecks in choppy water was a bad idea and I almost got seasick, but thankfully I made it into the harbor without chunking it.   That would've been gross.

Once we got into the harbor, we radio the Harbormaster who gives us some bullshit time to find a mooring.  We had to anchor.  All the moorings were filled, but after 20 minutes of searching we finally found a good spot to anchor in between a raft of four boats and a few other sailboats.  It took us 3-4 tries to get anchor, but we did.  After eating sandwiches onboard we got in the dinghy and made our way to the dock. 

We anchored in New Harbor, which is basically nothing more than a big bar, a shop, and some fish stores.  Down the street is some shops that we never went to.  We bought markers to practice grafitti with at a little store, along with pads of paper and other stuff.  It was about a 20-30 minute walk to Old Harbor, one we made each day.  We smoked again (haha) and made our way there.  We proceeded to buy ice cream, then candy, then milkshakes.  Healthy food, obviously.  We basically just hung out, walking the street and checking out the surf shops till dinner time.  I did my first "grafitti" with the marker out on a breakwater, the one right in front of the National.  If your ever there, walk all the way to the end and there's a stone standing straight up.  I threw up a little something there, but it may or may not have washed away.  We'll see.

We didn't really do anything else too special that day.  We ate dinner out, and made our way back to the boat, then came back into town, smoked on the beach near the National, and lurked around town.  Good stuff.

*To all the more mature people, I'm putting in the smoking parts because it was part of the experience for me.  Deal*

Sunday morning, we get up, and as usual, I'm first.  Eventually the rest of the crew gets up and we try flagging down Bobby, the guy who runs the local bakery, called Aldo's.  He drives around in a little boat calling out for people to order pastries, and delivers them to boats.  Super sick, but we didn't get him to come over.  We decided to go to the beach today, and it was a nice, hot day.  Jay drove us in the dinghy to the strip of land over which is the beach, and we walked to Old Harbor while he went to work a little bit on the boat, saying he'll meet us at the surf shop where he'd rent us surfboards.  We beat him there, obviously, and he showed up a little later on a bike.  We had already done everything with his credit card and just needed his approval.  Surfboards, check!  Yesterday we had figured out that the best surfing was on the South shore, around the Mohegan Bluffs.  Jay wouldn't hear of it.  We eventually convinced him that it'd be safe because I, being a lifeguard, could watch out for them since I wasn't surfing (I'd rather film).  Taxi - zoom - beach. 

This is Evan on this gnarly path we had to walk down to get there.  Super sickter!  It was really picturesque, and everything looked amazing.  There'll be more when I get this video up.

Basically we got down to the beach, which was all rocky, and proceeded to get really pumped.  You know.  We walked across to the next little area (to the left, in the pictures) which was a more sandy, secluded beach.  There were a few people there and we said hey and walked past them, all the way down to the end, where we set up camp. 

Little photoshop of Evan, courtesy of Charlie.

It was probably the sickest beach day I've ever had.  We were all by ourselves, surfing, filming, jumping around, playing in the mud (You can see it in the pic - there was this black mud gunk on top of some sand, and when you walked in it, it stuck to your feet and hardened, giving you block feet.  When it came off it left your feet black...hehe.  We then played jumping games, for obvious reasons).  Charlie and Evan smoked in a little lean too we found, but I didn't because hey, I'm the lifeguard, and it would be responsible after they used me to convince Jay.  Jay apparently came looking for us at some point but couldn't find us. 

Once again, I'll get a vid up ASAP, for anyone who cares.

That night we ate on the boat, then went back into town and smoked on the breakwater (the one I graffed).  I still wasn't getting high, but whatever.

Anyways, we lurked around the National and listened to the music, smoked on the breakwater (the one I grafittied) and just chilled.  We attempted to pick up girls but that failed because there were none, hahahaha.

Monday was beautiful, like Sunday.  We didn't even go back onto the island, because Jay wanted to get a head start.  After flagging down Bobby (the Aldo's guy?  Hell yeah) we joined the parade of boats leaving the harbor, and as soon as we got out from the bottleneck the waves got big.  It was really choppy, and the boat was tipping all kinds, not to mention the wind.  We got the sails up and started sailing.  Immediately Charlie didn't feel good, and he and I went to the bow so he could hopefully feel better.  He didn't, so we went back and he threw up (GROSS!). I found this surprising, because he's sailed more than Evan and I combined but it wasn't a big deal.  I went back up to the bow and sat by myself. 

Being all alone up front was amazing.  Both Charlie and Evan were sleeping/dozing, so there was no talking, and the only sounds were the wind in the sails and the boat breaking the waves as we headed back.  I was more relaxed than I'd ever been in my whole entire life and it felt great.  I just sat there and stared out into the horizon.  Looking back, I think I must've cleared my mind, because I can't think of one thing I was thinking about.  Holy tits that felt good.

Anyways, we got back to Avondale, where their boatyard is.  Coincedently, Conan O'Brien's Mom's house is across the street (I saw him there once, hahaha claim).  We spent the afternoon chilling in Watch Hill, and saw our buddy Jared and rich friend Chris at St. Claire's Annex.  We chilled on Chris's boat (they have a spot at the private dock) and when they left, on the concrete wall on the water.  The Kipany was there, and holy shit is that boat huge. 

I was so tired when I got home, even with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in me.  I slept really well that night.

The End

Just kidding.  But seriously, thats the best story I have.  I told Charlie to post more pics on facebook so I can put them in here, and they'll end up somewhere at some point along with that video.  We'll see

Anyways, thanks for reading, if you made it this far.  I know it was a lot of text without much visual stimulation (2 pictures = lame) but its all I could throw together right now.  Hopefully I'll have more adventures to share with y'all soon.