There aren’t many people on this planet that understand snowboard design like Peter Bauer. With an illustrious career in the sport dating back to the early 80s, Peter has rode through the development of the sport. From pushing his Burton Cruiser Swallowtail to the limits around the World Cup slalom courses to pioneering freestyle riding on the first twin tipped Burton Air in a pair of ski liner packed Sorel boots (workmen’s boots reinforced with Gaffa tape!), Peter’s lived through, and been hugely influential to the development of Snowboard equipment.

After years of tinkering around with snowboard design Peter found himself helping his friend (now business partner) Anin with the design of a new ski brand. Experimenting with new materials and resins in the same factory that he’d been in 20 years earlier developing prototypes for Burton, Peter unearthed a burning desire to create a killer snowboard brand. Amplid was born! Peter is in a unique position where his riding ability and the knowledge of design he’s picked up over the years …


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