Words by Andreas Lanz

Photos by Ruedi Fluck

The Ambuhl Invitational had the aim to create a platform for European filmers, phtographers and riders. Crews from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy gathered in Arosa, Switzerland.

Team Finland: Jussi Mononen, Matti Räty, Lasse Nevantausta & Tero Repo

After three days of shooting and one day of editing the crews presented their edit in the Werkstatt Chur where the winner was announced. Although the session was so late in the season and the wheater conditions were getting worse the resort Arosa provided two set-ups.

Team Austria's Mike Hauser & Toni Höllwart

The teams were so passionate that they didn't spend too much time at the obstacles and shot a lot of urban stuff.

Team Swetaly's Johan Lilja in action

After the tragic accident of Tobias Vinatzer during the week team Italy joined team Sweden. Moreover team Germany joined team Austria because their filmer didn't manage to make it. Saturday was the best day overall because after snowy and rainy wheather the conditions were finally excellent and the six crews left did their last shots.

Team Switzerland 1's David Ortlieb & Elias Ambühl

After the party on Saturday night the teams edited their clips on Sunday and then travelled back home. Eventually, Team Norway won the 2009 Ambuhl Invitational. The winning video is filmed, directed and edited by Aarni Toiviainen (FIN) supported by the photographer Rami Lappalainen (FIN) and the two riders Klaus Finne (NOR) and Elvis Harsheim (NOR).

Norway (winner)

Riders: Klaus Finne & Elvis Harsheim

Filmer: Aarni Toiviainen

Photographer: Rami Lappalainen


Riders: Jussi Mononen & Matti Räty

Filmer: Lasse Nevantausta

Photographer: Tero Repo

Swetaly (Sweden + Italy)

Riders: Kim Boberg, Johan Lilja, Markus Eder & Tobias Vinatzer

Filmer: Steffo Silvestri

Photographers: Pascal Landert & Daniele Castellani


Riders: Mike Hauser, Patrick Hollaus, Toni Höllwart & Roy Kittler

Filmer: Reinhard Gruber

Photographers: Linda Leitner & Klaus Polzer

Switzerland 1

Riders: Elias Ambühl & David Ortlieb

Filmer: Lorenz Hilpert

Photographer: Roman Eggenberger

Switzerland 2

Riders: Alex Neurohr & Vincent Imech

Filmer: Romain Brault

Photographer: Mike Stöckli

event wrap-up

for more info, check out http://www.ambuhlinvitational.com