Alyeska has gotten a ton ton of snow lately and I was lucky enough to experience the sunny side of it.  I showed up on Friday, about 2 days after Alyeska got pounded by a 50 or so Inch storm that caused the area to perform a 1:00 Late opening.

I am going to ski a few more days here before I head out to Haines Alaska to meet up with Julien JP Pep and Dane Tudor for some heli action, a.k.a. AK PBP action.  Alyeska is the perfect place to fine tune my skiing before I cram into a helicopter and get dropped off in gnarland.

I also did a little Ski clip for Alyeska Youtube, I will post that as soon as its Edited.

We gave Silver Saga Stickers to every kid on the Alyeska Freeride Team, coached on Saturdays by my brother Travis, go team!

Chair 6, for the upper mountain goods.
Julie Hiking the Chilkoot
Durtschi Hiking Chilkoots
The Drive to Alyeska from Anchorage is a nice coastal cruise

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