What is corn snow? Corn snow happens when the snow undergoes a good melt/freeze cycle. When new fine-grain snow warms up, it becomes slow and sticky. But if it is allowed to ?cook,? water will evaporate and the grains will get bigger after a good melt/freeze cycle occurs. This kind of snow is not sticky, it?s corn snow! It creates a luscious, velvety snow surface — ideal spring conditions! And Alpine is king when it comes to corn snow and spring skiing and riding.

Today it was reported that we have some fantastic corn snow. So it?s time to get out and enjoy these optimal spring skiing conditions. But if you can?t get up here right away, don?t fret! Although all the other resorts seem to be closed or closing after this weekend, Alpine will remain open, Friday ? Sunday, until May 13 for your corn hunting pleasure!

Here?s a few tips?follow the sun to find the best corn snow. Start out on High T in the morning. Other great corn stashes can be found on the south facing aspects of Beaver, Estelle and Bernie?s Bowl.

A bonus to the corn snow and spring conditions, we’ve got a great lineup of entertainment as part of our Spring Music Series, too.