I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had today riding the Sherwood shuttle and skiing at Alpine today.  What a gorgeous day out on the hill.  Booting up at the house and standing out by the side of the road to wait for the FREE Sherwood shuttle, is always a great start. The quick trip up the backside to the Sherwood lift is always a pleasure.  It takes way less time than it would to drive around and boot up in the parking lot.  It’s available to anyone that wants to park at Sunnyside and opt for public transportation.

We decided to head out High T for some fresh corn out in the red rocks.  Perfect smooth corn for the way down with a little traversing to get back to the lift.  I think its smoother out there than it is on Jakes (by a lot!)! We headed in for a little water at the chalet and the back to summit for some cold chalky snow in palisades to Deer Camp.  The afternoon ended with some laps with close friends and a ski back over to CB chute for some more perfect corn, then back to the bus, with another free lift home.  Sometimes spring during the middle of winter is OK.

Hope to see you enjoying the slopes,