There is no denying that spring has come to the Tahoe area, and Alpine Meadows has some of the best spring skiing around.  Using a secret scientific process referred to as “cornology”, the crew at Alpine serves up some of the freshest corn you could ever hope for at a ski area.  By keeping areas strategically closed when it is too firm and especially when it is too soft the snow is kept super smooth by not letting it get trenched out.  It is helpful to plan your runs accordingly and follow the sun around the mountain to find the best, smoothest corn that any Lake Tahoe ski area has to offer.  Generally speaking the best places on the mountain to hunt the smooth stuff is out on High T, and on the south facing aspects of Beaver, Estelle, and Bernie’s Bowls.  While you can find good skiing all over the mountain taking a hike on a beautiful spring day is the best way to get yourself the goods.  The season isn’t over yet, so be sure to get out and enjoy all the snow up on the mountain.   Oh, and buy your season passes while they are cheap.

–Jeremy Benson–