15-Webisode Series Will Feature a Look into Lives of Gatorade Free Flow Tour Competitors During 2010 Inaugural Winter Season

Burr Ridge, Ill. – April 9, 2010 – The Gatorade Free Flow Tour today announced the premiere of the first of 15 newly created webisodes centered around the competitors on the inaugural season of the winter tour, which will premiere on Friday, April 9. Over the next four weeks, the seven freeski webisodes will air on and every Friday and Monday, while the eight snowboard webisodes will air each Tuesday and Thursday on

The freeski and snowboard webisodes give insight into the nature of the winter Gatorade Free Flow Tour as experienced by some of the top athletes competing in the event. Featuring athletes who are making a name for themselves through their competitions, videos, and pure passion for their sport, the Gatorade Free Flow Tour webisodes showcase each individual’s progress through the Am world and towards the goal of competing on the Winter Dew Tour, and the respective lifestyle changes each has had to make to get there.

The series incorporates athlete interviews with event footage and behind-the-scenes tours to expose the stories of the next generation of freeski and snowboard athletes. The first webisode will launch on and today, April 9, with the remaining webisodes to follow over the course of the next four weeks.

Below is a synopsis of each Gatorade Free Flow Tour webisode:

· Freeski: featuring Brendan Wall

The debut webisode follows Brendan Wall, winner of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour freeski superpipe event in Killington, Vermont, not far from his home in Waterville, Valley, NH. He’s the textbook example of a ski racer that pined for the freedom of freestyle. After learning his first 360 it was game on. Now he thrives off competition after getting his start in USSA and taking tips from his coaches at every opportunity.

Launch Date: Friday, April 9 on and

· Freeski: featuring the Montage Crew with Parker White Part I

The Montage Inc. Crew, made up of freeskiers Parker White, Nick Miles, and Chris Logan, transplanted from the East Coast to Mammoth Lakes. Everything they do revolves around skiing and filming. Tour their crib and find out why they made the move west as they discuss what progressing in their sport means to them.

Launch Date: Monday, April 12 on and

· Snowboard: featuring Jack Kyle

Snowboarder Jack Kyle is originally from Freeport, Maine, but he ditched the East Coast to ride in Park City Utah. With the move came a new passion for slopestyle, an event he won at the Keystone stop of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. His advantage could have been learning to ride on icy conditions, but he’ll tell you in his own words while giving a tour of his pad.

Launch Date: Tuesday, April 13 on

· Snowboard: featuring Wasatch Project with Scott Moline

The Wasatch Project provides financial assistance to up and coming snowboarders looking to compete in such an expensive sport. But more importantly, it’s a tight crew of amateurs out building kickers and jibbing trees with the true meaning behind the training to just have fun.

Launch Date: Thursday, April 15 on

· Freeski: featuring the Montage Crew Part II

The Montage Inc. Crew talks about the importance of competition and filming video parts and what it feels like to get sponsored. They also gear up for the Mammoth stop of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour where Parker White wins the competition and a trip to the finals at Mount Snow; his home mountain back East.

Launch Date: Friday, April 16 on and

· Freeski: featuring Junior Jammers

We’ll hear from Simon Elston, board shop owner and dad of pint-sized rippers Jared, a snowboarder, and Jonah, a freeskier. They check in from the Keystone stop of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. After a 13-hour road trip from Helena, Montana the brother’s are blown away by the “humungous” mountain and terrain park. But one look at their spins off the massive jumps and it seems they’re right at home.

Launch Date: Monday, April 19 on and

· Snowboard: featuring Phoebe Novello and professional snowboarder Chanelle Sladics

Professional snowboarder Chanelle Sladics hangs out with Phoebe Novello on the slope course at Mount Snow before the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals. Chanelle relates to Phoebe and offers her tips and advice that gives Phoebe confidence and inspires her to continue her dream.

Launch Date: Tuesday, April 20 on

· Snowboard: featuring Scott Moline

Scott Moline hails from Phelps, Wisconsin and is a double threat in snowboard slope and pipe. He checks in from the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals where he shares a bit of life history. As the son of a former professional mogul skier, he was groomed on skis from a young age. But his future changed when his mom bought him a plastic snowboard for Christmas one year. Now he’s a natural on rails and isn’t afraid to throw down difficult new tricks into a foam pit. His drive is fueled by hopes of making it far away from Wisconsin’s rope tows.

Launch Date: Thursday, April 22 on

· Freeski: finals at Mount Snow

Check out the action from the Gatorade Free Flow Tour finals in Mount Snow as the skiers take on the pro’s slopestyle course. See action highlights from the competition’s top names.

Launch Date: Friday, April 23 on and

· Freeski: featuring interviews with amateur freeskiers

Amateur freeskiers talk about the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, what makes it special, how it gives exposure to skiers that might otherwise have trouble getting noticed and its clear path to the dream of making it on the Winter Dew Tour.

Launch Date: Monday, April 26 on and

· Snowboard: featuring Phoebe Novello and Kylie Kennedy

Phoebe Novello and Kylie Kennedy are roommates at Vermont’s Stratton Mountain School, and they’re good friends who push one another to progress. The snowboarding duo competed against each other for the first time at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, and they each took the top two spots in slopestyle and superpipe. Back at school, when the weather’s bad they strap in anyways and practice tricks on the trampoline or skate the mini ramp. The girls talk about the importance of committing to tricks, pushing through injuries and bringing style to their riding.

Launch Date: Tuesday, April 27 on

· Snowboard: featuring Chazz Roberts, Jack Kyle, and Scott Moline

Following success on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the webisode follows snowboard slopestyle amateurs Chazz Roberts, Jack Kyle, and Scott Moline. In the midst of travel and riding, they talk about the level of competition on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour and how the tour is a clear path for them to embark on a professional snowboarding career.

Launch Date: Thursday, April 29 on

· Freeski: featuring Steffen Hamre

The top freeskiers on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour talk about the level of competition and conditions at the finals in Mount Snow. Winner of the slopestyle finals, Norwegian Steffen Hamre reflects on having to ride on bad skis and how after four years of trying to get into large competitions he finally has the chance to join the Winter Dew Tour next year.

Launch Date: Friday, April 30 on and

· Snowboard: featuring female athletes from the Gatorade Free Flow Tour and Dew Tour

With an ever-growing pool of contestants, the women of the Winter Dew Tour and Gatorade Free Flow Tour discuss the progression among girls in snowboarding. See the action from the finals in Mount Snow as the amateurs persevere in the worsening weather conditions while riding on the same slope course and superpipe as the pros.

Launch Date: Tuesday, May 4 on

· Snowboard: featuring slopestyle finalists and footage from the finals

The riders who made it to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour finals divulge their pre-competition jitters and impressions on riding the same massive slope course that the Winter Dew Tour pros compete on. Following Cody Boan’s winning run in the slopestyle competition, he shares his excitement of winning in his last year of eligibility.

Launch Date: Thursday, May 6 on

Gatorade Free Flow Tour

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the official amateur series of the Winter Dew Tour, holds competitions at resorts across the country throughout the month of January, providing a platform for amateur freeskiers and snowboarders to showcase their skills. The inaugural winter leg of the Tour consists of 10 regional events across the U.S., featuring freeskiing (superpipe and slopestyle) and snowboarding (superpipe and slopestyle). The winners of each regional event earn a trip to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals held in conjunction with the Dew Tour’s Toyota Championship, Feb. 5-7, 2010, and the overall champions in the four disciplines automatically earn a spot to compete against the pros in the first stop of the 2010-11 Winter Dew Tour. Gatorade’s partnership with the Free Flow Tour began in 2009 and its presence and commitment to uplift amateur freeskiers and snowboarders and provide an extended platform to grow action sports enabled the creation of the winter season of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Fuel TV will broadcast select coverage of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour and will be the home of all digital content and Tour information. More information can be found at

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