The Showdown Throwdown Hoedown, is a two day event, and sees the winner of the open ski class walk away with $1000 Bucks. Along with all the excitment happening on course, the event also supplies spectators with the essentails....Good Music, Good Food and BEER! (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Beer Gardens were in Full Effect all Weekend long(Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

MC RanRan Bo Ban, kept the beer gardens bumpin alomg with some creepy guy in a yellow suit with a really bad moustache. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

These may look like Gapers with some really funny looking hats, but actually, they are the Cops. Packing heat, waiting patiently for a chance to tazer someone. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Course consisted of a bright blow-up archway, followed by a choice of three rails/boxes. A big 16x24ft Flatdown Rail, A 20ft Flatbar, and a Flat Down Combo box. Followed by three jumps in a row, starting at 50 ft, Then 55ft, followed up by O'doyle the 65ft Step-down. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Big Flat Down Rail was perfect for switch-ups and other fancy combos (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The 20ft Flatbar worked the best for people spinning on and off, using it as a set-up feature for the jump line that followed. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

What your about to see next may amaze you. It's Nina aka. Where's Waldo. And she has SKI POLES IN HER HANDS WTF! On the right is local man of terror Justin Stack, of the Stack's looking for his 270 off the Flatbar. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Speaking of Terror, luckily the Cops were around because the course was being absolutely killed by these two. Matt Margetts and Mike Mertion. Working on their syncronized skiing routine in hopes that it will be an Olympic event in 2014.(Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

(Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

More of Cam Schuster and his sleazy easy airs. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Here is the STH Champion from last year. Matt Margetts. He wasen't about to let the Silver and The Buckle get away from him this year. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Another Picture perfect air from Matt Margetts, on the Picture perfect 55ft Take-off. I'll drink to that! (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Girls never backed down, especially Waldo. She took the 55ft downtown with a nice corked 7. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Sun Peaks Crew was also on hand and brought some female contenders to the table. Emma Whitman styles one out. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

The Crew from Sunpeaks, pretty much owned the Tower coping jib, as it was the best seat in the house. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Tuck and Roll Buddy! (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Mr Mike Mertion, was pretty much un-stoppable all weekend, and with steezy moves like this, somebody will really have to throw the hammer down if they want to beat this kid. I bet the event Judge TJ Schiller was even sweating the future when Mertion is on the circuit. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

And of course the cash. At the end of the day who wouldn't like to walk away with a cool $1000 bucks, all for hitting some jumps and some rails in the sun up at Silver Star. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)


Here's how it all worked out in the end. Some people got sun burnt, some people got drunk, some people got hurt, but the following individuals stepped up and Threw down, for cash and prizes. (Photos: Tim Fitzgerald)

Women's Open Ski

1st  Nina Abramishvili

2nd  Emma Whitman

3rd  Jenny Higgins

Men's Ski AM

1st  Andreas Unterberger

2nd Kieran Nikula

3rd Mike "High Speed" Shaw

Men's Ski Open

1st  Mike Mertion $1000

2nd  Stuart Chapman $750

3rd  Matt Margetts $500