I talked to the store manager at American Apparel in Uptown and she informed me they were having an open call for hiring at 1 today. So of course I showed up all dressed up and hot like usual. I sat and chatted and felt it went pretty well. This put me in a pretty good mood so I decided to head over to Urban Outfitters. Last week I called and they informed me they were not hiring. Well today when I went in, they told me they were hiring. So I took an application there as well. Then I walked into NorthFace and surprise surprise, they were hiring. I think they only told me this out of the excitement that a female was actually asking for an application. I was in a pretty good mood by this point, so I did the dreaded; I drove to the Mall of America. I was instantly hounded by every Man at a booth asking me if I liked my lotion or wanted my hair curled. I need to learn Norwegian so that I can say I don't speak english. Back on track, I walked in to Oakley and they were hiring too. They had me fill out an application on the spot and the store manager told me that he would call me on monday to set up an interview for tuesday. Then I walked over to Quiksilver to test out the waters. I was surprised to find Tim, my old co-worker from when I worked at Zumiez 5 years ago had become the store manager. We talked for like half hour and then he told me my friend Danny (also a former co-worker from Zumiez) was store manager at Vans. So he gave me his card and told me to call him next week about a job.I headed over to Vans. I spent another half hour catching up with Danny. We used to kind of be in the same circuit of friends so we started talking about how people have changed. He asked if I was still friends with anyone else. I informed my friend circuit had gone down to about 5 people and everyone else turned Minnesota. At first he didn't understand what I meant (him being the tattooed skateboarding stylish Columbian that he is) until I said one simple statement, "socks with sandals." We both laughed and he pittied me and hugged me. Then we exchanged numbers and my friend total went from 5 to 6. Things are only getting better.I did just find out that I have to go to New York from October 17th to the 24th. That could cause some complications with this whole work thing. That and I have to find someone to come with me. Could be hard.