Last week Alice McKennis reported on her harrowing experience smashing her tibia earlier this year. In her latest blog post she follows up with solid progress report. We're routing for you Alice!

It?s only getting better. For real, the past month has been really good for me! I took some time off from physical therapy to have some fun and recharge mentally. After spending all of March in Park City slowly progressing through therapy I was ready to take a break!

In early April I took a trip out to California for the Mammoth Invitational and a family vacation to Disneyland. Two totally different ventures but very fun! It was great to see some of my teammates in Mammoth and be able to support both the Mammoth Educational Foundation and World Cup Dreams. As a plus before the event we were able to take a brief trip to Malibu to enjoy the sun, I might have enjoyed the sun a bit much, meaning that I pretty much burnt the top layer of my skin off. So worth it though, I was feeling good, and looking better?..

Julia and I

Getting agile at sunset in Malibu.....

Disneyland took me out of my element. Totally.  Thousands of women pushing around strollers trying to run me down really pushed me to be more agile and test how far I have come along with my recovery. Glad to report that I made it out alive and didn?t get hit once by a stroller. Also need to note that I was pushing a stroller (NOT my kid, but my adorable niece), I am pretty much Jeff Gordon when it comes to that kind of thing. My motto: Drive it like you stole it?. Or something like that.  It was a great time though, really cool to see my niece get so excited to see a man wearing a mouse suit and ride ?It?s a Small World?  over and over.

My niece Jill, so cute!

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