Late this past Saturday night, Alex Schlopy posted on Instagram discussing his views on Gus Kenworthy's coming out a couple weeks ago. Naturally, it wasn't well recieved and cause a lot of controversy.

One user stated his thoughts on the matter, "I think you are a incredible skier and I have mad respect for you. However this wasn't necessary to share with the public in a post. If you are friends with Gus, you could talk to him about it or say something, but to share it to the public and have everyone say there opinions will not be fun for him to read. Alex I still have the upmost respect for you, I just don't think YOU handled your feelings properly."

A couple hours after his initial post, Alex uploaded another photo defending his position. Many commenters said it was unnecessary for Alex to publicly post this "callout" of sorts.

EDIT: Excellent point recently brought to my attention

Do you think Schlopy publicly posting his thoughts about his good friend was ok to do or did he cross a line? What about Lucas' point above?