The streets and grocery store shelves sit empty after the storm of the decade reeked havoc on Albany NY. In a shocking turn of events, mother nature brought one of the worst storms on record to the area producing more than 2 inches of snow in parts of the city. Causing several dozen accidents and leaving the thruway gridlocked for several hours, this storm will surely be one for the record books. "We've all seen pictures of snow storms, but we never thought it could happen to us" said one local man as he braved the weather to shovel his driveway.

The mayor has declared a state of emergency, and efforts are in full swing to get the city dug out from the clenches of winter. Hundreds of plow trucks have been called in from other cities, the bulk of them coming from Atlanta GA, and Washington DC. In a desperate attempt to clean up the streets, 2 snowplows were removed from a local museum exhibit and outfitted onto delivery trucks. The plows had been donated to the museum in 2007 for an exhibit on winter weather.

"My kids are freaking out with excitement" said one parent regarding the schools first snow day in over a decade. The city remains, buried alive, and it may take crews several days to get the city back on track. Posts and "memes" on social media have likened the crisis in Albany to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius on Pompeii.

Stay tuned with Channel 69 news for the latest details as the aftermath of this monster storm unfolds.