Inspired by both the aesthetic and regenerative qualities of bamboo, we reached out to Colorado cohort Panda Bicycles to create something wild. On the heels of their collab with Marc Jacobs, Panda Bicycles was excited to join forces with us to design a street-savvy version of their “The One” fixed-gear bike. The unique design makes for a smoother ride than traditional metal-only frames due to the flex afforded by the bamboo. Fun Fact about bamboo is that it has the ability to grow up to 4 feet within 24 hours. It also has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. We believe the bike sports a truly unique design with the “Into the Wild” theme manifesting across the frame with a white base offset by stark animal stripes. If you’re in the market for a new fixie, be sure to be swift with your clicks when the bike drops Sunday, July 27th at 9:00 AM EST on the our Webstore as it is seeing a very limited release. Price tag: $2,500.