So in lieu of recent mentions about the lack of gear reviews that actually matter, I thought I'd throw in my two cents about what I ride in.New this season I got the analog bomber jacket in green which is sick on cold days, but I'm very dissapointed with how the elastic waist looks once you zip the jacket. Classic case of looks good unzipped standing in the lift line/ hiking a rail set up/ hitting the jib park, but not really anywhere else. I've also decided that making things that look like they may have been made for the military but wasnt is trying too hard and you can just as easily (and cheaperly (if only that was a word)), buy a real military jacket from goodwill/ salvation army/ cool local thrift shop that may or may not rip you off. (that's part of the fun) That woy you get super street cred with the flood of hipster snowboarders and can be sure that noone will jock youre style.When it's not cold I rock my bdg hoodie with some weird huge flanel I found somewhere... pretty awesome. and way cheaper than a saga jacket.For ski pants I've decided I'm not quite man enough to rock straight jeans yet so I did the 2nd next best thing (after holdens and what L1's) and got airblaster reversibles. I figured two in one, how can I go wrong? Well for one "boot fit" does not mean classic airblaster tight pants (those were all taken in... a lot) I have the small which fit pretty good other than the legs feel baggy to me.t after sacreficing the white side and lots of hours with a needle and thread (if only I had a sweing maching) I got them to sort of where I want them. Hand sewn looks more badass anyway. The only real problem with them is the fabric. It's this weird plasticy stuff that breathes like a ziplock bag and has these wierd vents on the outsides of the legs. Oh and it has weird pockets too. And while I won't say I'm completely disappointed about these pants, I'm not as happy with them as I had hoped, and will probably be getting a pair of holden standards, or better yet L1's in the near future.rome mitts... nothing better... except maybe fingerles gloveschea