When it?s powder time and the sun is shining, one of the best places to be on any mountain is the Peak Chair on Whistler. After a few morning laps on the mid-mountain chairs I like to head over to the Peak Chair in order to get one of the front positions in the line-up. The crowd builds quickly as the sounds of avalanche bombs alert everyone that the Peak will open soon.

The powder and vast terrain in the bowls off of the Peak are definitely worth the wait, and if you aren?t in the front of the line that?s ok, because you?ll get the chance to watch one of the greatest, most easily accessed shows in skiing: Air Jordan. This past weekend, the sun and the powder were both out in great abundance and a world class air show ensued.

The line, known as Air Jordan, is the most famous feature on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains,  and possibly the most famous in-bounds huck line in the World. The line is a rite of passage for anyone in town interested taking their big mountain skiing or snowboarding to the next level. Its tough to speculate on cliff sizes without a measuring tape, but my best estimate of  Jordan in it?s present state, with 3 metres of snow on it, is a fifteen footer on top with a forty foot mandatory lower cliff. Matt Elliott is one of the best skiers in Whistler, and is one of the best skiers you haven?t seen yet in a major ski video. He made sure to be in the front of the line to show us all how to tear Air Jordan a new one.

Matt Elliott skis the monstrous double cliff Air Jordan straight, fast, and clean