As many a pro skier has figured out, Scandinavia is the place to be in the spring. For one thing, it's warm, slushy, fun and you can ski until way in to the evening... which means no need to wake up early, a big plus in my books at least. There are also countless dope events: Ski Or Die (Finland) was all out insanity last week, Open Klasse (Norway) is happening right now, and probably the most hyphy of all, Kimbosessions (Sweden), goes off starting Monday. This year there was a new kid on the block too, Aioli Cashout, the brainchild of Oliver Karlberg and it popped off... just check out the cut: all went down from 13th to 16th of April in Ramundberget, Sweden. Incorporating both a cash for tricks and a filming element, it had everything the riders could want. And when the riders are most stoked, that's when you get carnage. Hopefully Aioli Cashout will become a fixed add of the ever-growing 'Scandi Spring Definitely Not FIS Tour', because it's an all time good time. There was a contest element, but in Oliver's words, "nobody really won, well actually, all of them did kinda" which sums up the vibe perfectly. Most of the crew will be at Kimbo next week to do it all again. Stoked.


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Magnus Granér


Joel Magnusson

Vilmer Ivarsson

Kim Boberg

Hugo Burvall

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Kalle Bogren

Måns Bertz

Siver Voll

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