The Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival is the puurrfect time for a kickass party. The season is winding down and we felt it necessary to gather our closest friends at the GLC in Whistler to get down and dirty. What else is there to do on a Tuesday night in Whistler?

Calm before the storm. The bouncers are debating whether or not they should let in Gene Simmons.

Photo Devon Bouton-Mills

The Party was quite simple to execute, we had all the ingredients for this partay and we just needed to merge them all.

There were Salomon peeps,

Salomon peeps and an Mr. Bishop lookin like you shouldn't trust him. (because he has the moustache)

(Shocking I know, but Mr. Bishop did make an appearance, he was my official sidekick of the night, I think it had to do with the fact that I posessed the drink tickets.)

Salomon Athletes represented,

Body painted models with next year’s killer ski graphics......

 The Mai Tai and Lord


Lord, Sick Stick, Mai Tai (art by Cary and Paulo)


Check out more body art at

There were appearances from SBC Skier Mag dudes, Skiing Magazine, Smith dudes,, Ride Guide TV and very talented dancers! Even some other ski brands snuck in.

Since ski party’s can often turn into dude soup, it was mandatory that we had lots of lovely ladies there too.


Ontario Girls Represent!

Oh yeah and every party needs some bangin sound action so we had DJ Skilla, Budha Sax and Bobby James getting rad with his drum set. (rumor has it that he has opened for Kid Rock)



 Photo Devon Boulton-Mills

Bobby James Drummatic-Photo Devon Boulton-Mills

And we kept on rockin till the wee hours....

So do what you can to get invited to our next party. FYI, our 10 year anniversary of the 1080 is coming up so we just might have to celebrate soon.