When conditions are less than ideal but you're still craving that light-as-a-feather feeling you get when skiing off a rock face and landing that crucial trick in 10 feet of powder, a Super Quad may be the alternative you never knew existed. Built by MaxAir Trampolines in Grand Rapids, MI, this massive 14' x 14', hand-loomed, 2-string trampoline was specifically designed for freestyle skiers and snowboarders to provide the air and space needed to practice big air tricks with off-axis twists and flips.

Dubbed "Super Quad" by users at Woodward Snowboard and Ski Camp, this giant trampoline has become the main attraction at both of Woodward's world class training facilities - in Soda Springs, CA and Copper Mountain, CO. "Our 14’ x 14’ trampoline is the best training tool we have for teaching tricks to action sports athletes," says Woodward at Copper Program Manager Phoebe Mills.

It's no news that professional ski and snowboard athletes use trampolines to condition and practice tricks, but MaxAir's unique square bed and “Super Springs” create a completely different experience, one that accommodates a freestyle skier or snowboarder's exact needs. Freeskier Sammy Carlson enjoyed his experience at Woodward so much that he had a custom Super Quad installed in his backyard, complete with his Sammy C Special logo.

Skiers and snowboarders aren't the only athletes who appreciate the benefits of the Super Quad; others include wake boarders, water skiers, skate boarders, base jumpers, skydivers and acrobats, as well as motocross, BMX, and quad riders.

About MaxAir Trampolines

MaxAir was formed almost two years ago when Paul Hagan decided to turn his long-time hobby of weaving trampoline beds into a business. A lifetime resident of the Grand Rapids area, Paul takes pride in his community and aims to locally source as many of his materials as possible. Currently, 100% of the springs used in his trampolines are manufactured in the same industrial park as MaxAir.

The young company recently adopted the name "MaxAir Trampolines" (formerly Tramp Squared) to better communicate its number one goal: to provide a trampoline that gives extreme sports athletes enough airtime to perform complex, off-axis spins and flips without the fear of falling over the side. Along with the name change, MaxAir has been rolling out a new online marketing strategy that is focused on connecting with extreme sports communities through social media to help improve customer service and product development. Their website can be found at http://www.maxairtrampolines.com with links to social media in the bottom, right hand corner.



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