The plans for the second installment of Just Passing Thru are coming together. Adventure 1.2 will encompass a five-day skiing road trip through the UK with the likes of Tom Wallisch, Matt Walker, and myself. Beginning in London, the crew will have a chance to explore the city while attending the London Freeze, which features both a Big Air and Rail Jam event this year.

Following a short stay in London, the crew will depart on a two day skiing adventure; led by Jiberish UK rep Neil MacGrain. We will be skiing at the dry-slope resort of Bearsden Ski Club in Glasgow, as well as the indoor snow facility of Chill Factore in Manchester.

In addition to some skiing, we also hope to partake in a series of tourist activities along the way. Neil, our tour guide for the trip, explains some of his plans,

“For the culture stuff I have a few ideas. There is plenty of classic tourist stuff in London; Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, English pub meal, warm English beer? Don’t ask me I’m Scottish. In Manchester I’m sure we can find something Northern for you. In Glasgow, we can go to a castle, get rained on, and go for a curry. You’ll probably struggle to understand some of the locals, I do and I live here. You can try the local food and drink along the way too.”

Sounds like a pretty good UK ski trip to me! October 28th – November 4th are the official dates; stay up to date with our trip here at

Also, the online thirty-minute broadcast version of Adventure 1.1 will be available exclusively here at in the near future. Check out the trailer for a sample of what you can expect to see.

Tom, sleeping on his beloved SYNTAX’s. Clarke and Wallisch wait for a snowcat ride at the Mt. Hood Level 1 shoot during Adventure 1.1