I was supposed to work ASR for Malakye this year. I was all excited to help out with Shmoozapoloza and work the Office Boyz Competition, then they struck me down and said, "Rachel, we have it covered. Go play!" Or something similar to that. And Play I did!

The slackline crew was out in full force. It was pretty amazing actually watching instead of just seeing edits on youtube.
I wish I could say I did amazing my first try... but after about 10 minutes I could take 5 steps and jump a bit. Wish My sister had gotten some better pictures, but at least you can see the focus and determination!
My favorite 6 year old dropping into the "BIG" vert. No one seemed to care that there was anyone else there.
She proceeded to pull me by the arm around ASR looking at cupcake skateboards and makeup. Women's skateboarding is entering an entirely new world and Annika is leading the way.
One of the more interesting things I found at the show was Grenade's new shoe line. You can now have Grenade cover your hands and your feet.
Need a bag for your paddle board? They have you covered. I can't imagine any logical storage situation for this except against the back of the house. I'm just worried that someone would love the bag so much that you would then be left with out a board and a bag.
What is the action sports community without a little environmental awareness. ASEC works with brands to create environment friendly products and displays. My sister bought a rad hat from them. See below...
Yes, we are 100% sisters and only 2 years apart.
Possibly the most exciting thing I saw the entire weekend happened with in the first few hours of being there. Aldrin Garcia ollied 44 inches on his birthday. They raised it up to 46 and he nearly stomped it. 44.5 inches happens to be the world record. Seems like he has a record in his future.
So I get home from ASR and there is a package sitting in my room. Not saying how or why I received this, but what I can say is that Volcom is a really rad company that takes care of their community. Sunday night was a little bit like X-mas in my home.