Words and Photography by Bp Landrigan

It was a cloudy day over Milwaukee Wisconsin, the day after the storm that was Black Friday, it left me wondering what to do with myself, and the gaggle of Bostonians that had been using my home as the local motel 6. The general consensus was to go and appreciate some art, and go into a trance where the only question you can ask yourself is Who Am I? I found the awnser to this question in this little diddy

. the most intresting thing about this venture to the great unknown that is art, is the house that holds all these works. The Milwaukee Art Museum

To me this majestic building on the shores of Lake Michigan don't quite fit in with the rest of milwaukees creamy polish brick buildings, and fine breweries that grace this cities ground. But when you are inside you are blown away by its beauty. Take a look.

I recomend everyone visit their local art museum and appreciate it, discover the felling of art, and open up your emotions,