I recently went to West Palm Beach, FL for a three day AMG academy. I was joined by Kristi, Channel, Jamie, and Claire. It was good times. If you're into cars...the line up consisted of the E63, C63, SLK55, and SL63 to name a few.
We had the keys to cars that were so new they didn't even have price tags yet. At the end of the day the tires would need changing, the engine would be over heating, and the breaks would be smelly. We'd hop in the same cars the very next day as good as new. Big thanks to the mechanics on hand.
Out on the big track...got up to 140 mph on the back straight away, but it didn't feel that fast in these nice cars.
All the girls in front of the wagon with some of the mechanics.
Jamie stoked she's a better driver, not stoked on her car at home.
This was after the autocross race. Hunter Schleper took the gold and was right behind Tommy Kendal.
Black Series...can't buy these yet.
Kristi the superstar posing with the winners helmet.I haven't been behind the wheel since class and I'm kinda happy that I have a truck at home!