OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – SEATTLE, WA (October 20, 2008) -The development of a new digital download player by Ally Distribution will change the way people consume action sports films.  By adding an entirely new dimension to the distribution model, this free download player has the potential to expand the size of the action sports film industry by making a larger selection of videos more accessible to more customers than ever before.  Called the ALLY digital DOWNLOAD Store, the company wanted to create something that would instill positive change throughout the industry by helping the people behind these films.  Ally president Kelly Dole explains,  "We had become increasingly frustrated with the distribution side of the action sports film industry and decided we wanted to develop something that would help change things for the better."  

The player is an embeddable widget (hosted by a third party), which allows retailer and industry websites alike to offer high-quality, digital downloads similar to iTunes.  The full-length downloadable films are compatible with all platforms and all portable media devices.  Rockies Super-Rep Mike "Gags" Gagliardi remarked, "There are no out-of-pocket costs, no set-up costs, no inventory, and it's free to sign up.  Any person visiting your website has the opportunity to download a full movie for a decent price. My shops just collect a check every month." 

The Ally Player is now available to any retailer, online retailer, sponsor, or individual who would like to offer films for download from their website,  MySpace page, Facebook page, or similar platform.  The Player has 20 current, full-length ski and snowboard videos available for download with new titles being added each week.     

Instead of building a single download website and attempting to drive all web traffic to their own site, Ally figured-out a win-win solution that will soon see hundreds or even thousands of micro-stores playing free teasers and selling video downloads.  The effects of this new distribution model can be expected to increase sales and exposure dramatically for the films, the athletes and the sponsors while reducing the carbon footprint for all involved.

Ally Video and Distribution is headquartered in Seattle, WA as a rider owned and operated entity, specializing in the distribution of action sports films.  For more information on our films, trailers, and latest developments visit and to check out the new video player go to