As the inventor of the avalanche airbag, ABS revolutionized winter sports in 1985.

35 years later ABS presents a completely new portfolio and introduces its entire brand identity redesigned.

"Enjoy your wild" - the new motto of ABS, describes a feeling to which they want to inspire and which can mean something different for everyone. The passionate freerider feels it when he is just climbing the last meters of the slope before a wide, untouched snowfield opens up in front of him. But so does the ski tourer, who in the silence perceives only his own breath and the rays of light that fall to the ground through the snow-covered branches of the trees. It can also be an "enjoy your wild" moment to strap on your skis after work and take a tour up the mountain with a headlamp. Surrounded by untouched nature and living out our passion, we feel unrestricted, free from everyday life and worries. It is not only the activity itself that inspires us, but also the whole attitude towards life - experience, knowledge, and planning. Because the anticipation of the adventure in the mountains already starts with the preparation, when you search for the best tour for the next day with your cell phone in the evening or when you check the avalanche report and your equipment in the morning.




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Cleverly elaborated and reduced to the bare essentials: The A.LIGHT is made for freeriders who need a backpack with an ABS airbag, but are happy to do without any unnecessary packing volume.

Who wants to be restricted by too much luggage when descending through deep powder or hikes to undiscovered slopes? The A.LIGHT by ABS presents itself as slim as no avalanche backpack before. It comes as a compact base with 10 liters of packing volume, which is already fully functional and ready to go. So there is no excuse for not having an avalanche backpack with you off-piste.

Due to its well thought-out design, the necessary equipment such as drinking bladder and safety equipment finds its place despite the minimalist construction. The unique RescUnit, a separate compartment for shovel and probe, allows quick access to the safety equipment with only one hand thanks to a special pulling system, saving valuable time in an emergency. The second major advantage: The backpack does not have to be removed and remains on the back, ready to be released, in order to be secure at all times. The A.LIGHT is equipped with the proven ABS TwinBags system with a pyrotechnic trigger. The two independent airbags are designed in a volume-optimized form to significantly increase the probability of coming up on the surface in an avalanche. The leg loop, which additionally secures the rucksack, can be easily stowed away in a small pocket in the hip belt during transport. Meanwhile, smartphones find room in an insulated pocket on the back to minimize temperature-related battery loss.

ABS has also optimized the carrying comfort: The back plate adapts to the body shape thanks to bendable aluminum struts. In combination with the ergonomically pre-shaped carrying straps, the backpack adapts individually to the body shape and distributes the weight optimally. The chest strap has a special magnetic closure system. With the modular strap system, additional equipment such as a jacket, skis, snowboard and ski poles can also be attached. A helmet net and a longer strap for carrying skis in A-frame are also available. For longer tours and when more space is needed, the base unit can also be upgraded with two extension packs of 15 or 25 liters, which are simply attached under the strap system.




How does an airbag work in general?

An avalanche is not a liquid mass, not a waterfall. The avalanche snow consists of snow crystals of various shapes and sizes. When these granules start flowing during an avalanche, the granules rotate. The small parts crawl under the parts with larger volume and push them upwards. There this "segregation dynamic" subsides and the larger, heavy parts sink back again. However, if a snow slab has formed, it remains on the surface despite the higher weight due to the large contact surface. If a skier/snowboarder is caught in an avalanche, the same thing happens. He is pushed upwards by the segregation effect. There the lift dynamic breaks off and he immediately sinks back into the snow masses. He lacks the necessary supporting surface that balances his volume density against the density of the avalanche snow. However, if the skier/snowboarder activates his avalanche airbag in time, he can counteract the burial.

How well this works depends on the airbag system, which is why ABS has optimized the system under the following:


In order to remain on the surface during the segregation process, only the additional contact surface created counts to compensate for the significantly higher mass density of human beings compared to the much lower mass density of avalanche snow. ABS® Twin Airbags have the largest surface area on the market at 7240 cm2, which is crucial to avoid being buried in an avalanche.

Two Airbags

ABS, with its TwinBag system, is the only manufacturer to provide double safety with two completely independent airbags. Both airbags are filled independently of each other with separate valves and hold the air independently of each other - if one valve or airbag breaks down, a second one always remains. Avalanches do not only descend over gentle meadow slopes, on the contrary - obstacles such as stones, rocks, mountain pines or broken trees can be in the fall path.

With only one airbag without separate chambers, a tear in the airbag cover is sufficient for the entire system to lose its function completely!

ABS has the most practical experience and therefore only uses TwinBag technology with two independent airbags.

ABS Airbags shape

Center of mass vs. center of volume - It is important to have the center of mass and the center of volume as close as possible. Only then can a stable position in the avalanche be achieved. With the ABS® TwinBag the buried subject tends to lie rather flat on the snow surface due to the lateral attachment of the airbags.

Head airbag vs. twin airbag - The generated contact area of all head airbags is significantly smaller than that of twin airbags. The attachment around the upper body forces the avalanche victim into a vertical position, which means that the torso of the avalanche victim is hardly available as a contact surface. With airbags that surround the head, there is also a risk of a snow wedge forming between the head and the airbag, which can be dangerous for the neck of the avalanche victim. For this reason, the head area between the two ABS® airbags is clear, allowing avalanche snow to flow away.



Temperature independent - sealed system protects against external influences and is extremely reliable even at low temperatures or high wind speeds.

Extremely reliable and fast filling - the inert gas of the cartridges is neither flammable nor toxic and fills the Twinbags in 2-3 seconds regardless of temperature or external pressure load.

Removable handle - this makes it compatible with both left and right hand side, and also allows the system to be transported in an airplane or helicopter.

Low maintenance - the refillable cartridge can be refilled at Service and is immediately ready for use again with a new handle



ABS offer a heavy store locator process through his refilling program with his 45 shops in USA and 44 in Canada.

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With the A.SSURE safety equipment, consisting of shovel and probe, ABS completes its portfolio around the safety topic on the mountain and shows what minimum packing size really means

Safety first, but no room for all the equipment? With the A.SSURE set consisting of probe and aluminium shovel, ABS is launching the most compact solution to date. The probe can be put into the small packable three-part shovel to take up as little space as possible in the backpack and save space. ABS has developed this integrated design specifically for the RescUnit in their new minimalist backpacks. Manufactured from aerospace aluminum, the scoop is lightweight yet very stable. The individual segments of the probe are connected by a particularly tear resistant and durable Dyneema cord. In addition, ABS offers a first aid kit, which can also be integrated into the compact system in a space-saving manner.




The German Design Award winner A.CROSS convinces with its minimalist look and functionally well thought-out details. ABS has developed this daypack without an ABS airbag system for skiers and hikers who are on the slopes during the day and/or after work, who travel with style and care in secured terrain.

In the evening a small after-work ski tour over the fortified slope to relax from everyday stress or to train your leg muscles on the weekend instead of standing in line at the lift to go up the slope to the well-deserved snack at the hut. It’s exactly for these activities that ABS now brings the perfect partner with the A.CROSS. It convinces on the one hand with its minimalistic modern design, but at the same time with practical details like its OnePull Suspender System. With the patented shoulder-hip belt carrying system, the length of both straps can be adjusted to fit with one pull on the hip belt. The backpack therefore lies compactly on the body. This saves weight and distributes it optimally for a feather-light touring experience.

Unlike conventional daypacks, the A.CROSS has an integrated safety compartment, the new RescUnit, which offers space for safety equipment such as a probe and shovel to help in the search for an avalanche. Because things have to move especially fast in an emergency, the Emergency Flap, a simple pull system in red signal color, allows immediate access to the RescUnit without removing the backpack. The A.CROSS contains 8 liters and can be extended to 12 liters with a zipper on the side if you need an extra layer of warming insulation for the summit. With the flexible strap system, additional equipment can be easily attached to the outside of the backpack. The small pack size and comfortable carrying comfort makes this stylish daypack also a reliable partner for other sports.

The well thought-out backpack concept won this year's German Design Award, one of the most renowned design awards worldwide.

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