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Thera are 3 different kinds of goals in the eyes of a sport psychologist. I must say I agree with them on whats important. How ever I think the most important thing is to set some goals and go skiing. But if you take your skiing really serious write down a couple of goals for each type of goals.

The 3 kinds of goals are:

1. Process goals are the kind of goals where you set goal for how often you want to ski, train or practise your flips on the trampoline. If you stick to your plan of for example skiing 3 days a week, gym 2 days a week and trampoline 1 day a week. If you stick to your plan you will automatically learn a lot of cool stuff.

2. Performance goal is what people always think of when they think of goals. Performance goals are things like squatting 200 kg or landing double corks. Keep the goals challenging but not impossible. Setting impossible goals can be demoralising and defeat its purpose on empowering and inspring yourself.

3. Outcome goals are like the name implies if you set your process and performance goals and you stick to it you will improve your skiing which will lead to some improved outcome in that competition or impressing that cool person. You know who I am talking about! Outcome goal examples are winning that competition or making a rad ski edit.