Alright, I have way to much time on my hands, so in the next few days I shall record stories of my fantastic adventures!

I will start with the most recent of them.


Caleb's bathroom



Alright, I'm setting there, my left arm hanging limp, which I shall go into more depth about in the next few blogs. I have just gotten my boxers up with one arm all steezy-like, and now I'm combing my hair, which will get crazy if I don't comb it quite a bit, my friends will vouch for me there.

Now, I'm combing it and I hear an explosions! It turns out out there is a gangfight outside my window, and this causes me to make my comb twist up in my hair.

FUCK THE COMMYS, THEY MADE ME DO THIS, THEY'RE CONSTANTLY TRYING TO KILL ME.'t...get...the...comb...out...of... I struggle with it like it's a gaint anaconda, but it is to no avail.

Then it becomes to don on me that it may be stuck there forever, I begin to lose my cool and accidentally explode my mom's glass of orange juice do to my incredible mind powers.

I begin to rest a bit, and check out my problem. It turns out that it is wrapped around my hair in two different directions, I have to concentrate very hard on it.

I begin to move the hairs around because I'm also a jedi, and can use the force, but there is still one problem area that seems to have concentrated amount of hair, like Anjelina Jolie has STDs.

My hair begins to dry, and releases the hair.


I went on to eat a steak and mushroom omelet.