Today I pondered the statement, "to live" and have concluded, that to truly live you must take chances. Making decisions not on careful thought and deliberation but on simply what you choose can be risky, yet this is part of truly living to me. To give an example, the lip piercing I got this spring. I have wanted it for 2 years and by carefully weighing out the pros and cons, decided against it. The cons outweighed the pros... or did they? The cons were: 1) My mom was super against the idea. 2) I was sure my grandma would be upset too. 3) It may scar my face. 4) It may not turn out like I wanted it to. 5) It may be dangerous or get in the way while skiing. And the pro was: 1) I wanted it and loved the idea of having a subtle sparkle on my face all the time.So, I finally took the chance and have not once regretted it! I love my lip jewel (featured in photo below). Having a metal ring in my lip was cold on the mountain, and eating was challenging while it was healing but I discard these annoyances as minor because of how much I wanted my piercing. It was still worth it! 

So, on with my train of thought. What comes with making choices is change, and for most if not all humans the fear of change accompanies. This fear holds people back from making choices and living their dreams! If change is inevitable wither we choose it or not, why do humans have this automatic, almost instinctual response to decide not to choose? Here is what I came up with: If a human decides based on logic then they are following some equation that makes sense. Who wrote this book of rules (often termed "they"... ie: "you know they say") no one knows. Shouldn't we each be writing our own book of rules? It only makes sense to me that, "I know better then anyone what is best for me." Maybe it's that humans don't like to take responsibility for their own lives. If we don't make the choices that create the change, then somehow it is someone else's fault when something unwanted happens. And with this conversation I have opened a very large can of worms, being the human mind. Can we ever really know? For each mind is so different but some traits are universal. Maybe choosing to accept that we will never really know, adds beauty to the mystery of life.