What happens after an inconsequential decision is made, nothing and everything? These decisions are made every day, hour, minute, and second. How often do you really think about these, and if you did would it really change the outcome?

After trying to pull myself together and decide if I've been making the correct decisions the last few years, months, and hell even the last few days, I started to think about the decisions I've really made versus the ones that sort of just happened. To my surprise I haven't really thought out SHIT, things sort of just fall into place.

For those of you that don't know I recently purchased my first condo here in Steamboat Springs, last August. How I got to this decision was.... interesting to say the least. Two summers ago my friend PJ who had just left town earlier that year, happened to be back in town visiting. Naturally we HAD to go out and have some drinks, one thing turned into another, and long before I knew it Friday morning was upon me and I was hung over as hell for work. After a long ass day PJ and I were talking about my lease on my current condo, and how bad I wanted to move on to newer venues, similar to my views of Mr. Bush. We ended up talking and by noon Saturday we were looking for places to live together. That Monday we ended up moving into a new place, and that's where it all started (Imagine if we could change our economy, president, and war situation this fast). Fast forward one year to when our lease is about to expire, our landlord informs me that he is going to be putting the condo on the market and that we'll probably have to move. Almost over night I decided that I was going to buy the condo, it was only on the market for 5 days by the time I signed the deal, 30 days total and we closed! Fast forward again one year, and I'm sitting here thinking WHAT THE HELL?!?! As much as I thought it was a good idea, I've questioned myself on what and why the hell I thought I needed to be a homeowner? This is the biggest purchase of my life so far... with this money I could have bought either: A brand new Lamborghini Murcielago and gas for a year, Maybach 62 minus the tax and gas, 281 Giorgio Armani jackets, or 162222 BOXES of gold paper clips. This last weekend I went to Las Vegas and I put more time, research, and decision making into buying my plane ticket (a whopping $152.50) than I did my condo.

To be honest this has been the best investments of my life even though it was made out of haste; yes I paid a bit more than I should have, yes this ties me down to Steamboat for at least another year, but at the same time I couldn't be happier. Our housing market here in Steamboat isn't affected nearly as much from our failing economy, just take a look at how much money is being pumped into construction and 'improvements' here.

These last few years I've had some of the best times of my life, but what would have happened if I never had that drunken night with my friend PJ... Maybe I'd be back in some hell hole called Denver or another real city (oops... did I say that out loud) trying to figure out the silly things in life such as: what coffee shop I'm going to this morning, how much time I need to drive to work, which gym I'm going to, how the hell I'm going to survive the day without my sudoku puzzle, or any of the other small issues that are non-existent in Steamboat versus the city.

And this is just one of the decisions I really haven't made... it just happened.