First of all, the player If you family days at the beginning of the selection races, will see a family days of the opening animation, the story describes the role played by players in the abyss and the enemy's fierce ethnic fighting, in the enemy camp, retreat, victory in front of them, they encountered enormous Adelaide Cian (Dragon warships) attacks in the game of Aion Power Leveling, but in the Olympic Li Sa, the monster before the days of family military fiasco, the protagonist Also, Austrian Li Sa, before the trapped Jedi, when animated transformation and the emergence of "fast wake up predicted that the book's.

From the stories found in the original suit the player in Taiwan, Aion CD Key in the identity of St. heaven Army Corps specific length, is very high, guardian is one of the animation in the Austrian Li Sa, This monster is dragon, the Army chief, the player is subject to Olympic Li Sa,a hit after the loss of memory, grade, equipped with the naked body of falling to the ground of waking up 9 post player from the Awakened into Guardian process in Aion Powerleveling, slowly recover their lost memories, the game process on behalf of recovered memories of the journey, carefully carry out the task, you will find tips on the hidden memory. But it is a failure to comply with God's commands, no rules and warlike race. However, simply in order to force.