MEG OLENICK, KERI HERMAN and WHITNEY WICKES!The Spring Massive Slopestyle event went down at Breckenridge, CO... and any coverage on the event has been nonexistent or hidden so deep in the web, that I have yet to find it. So I am going to post what I know of the results and give a big CONGRATS to my girls holding it down in Summit County. The day of competition was stormy and some of the worst weather to be hitting the Freeway terrain park. Despite the conditions, the comp went down and Meg took home the win! Her run was switch 180, 3, 5up down rail doing a swich up to switch down rail, 270 outflat down box with a barrel in the middle, she did switch on, swich up, swich out.Keri and Whitney also found themselves on the podium. Rounding off the Woman's Slopestyle event with some banger runs!Yeah ladies, way to have a crew sweep at Spring Massive! :)