I haven’t had the chance to do too much riding recently (next year I’ll make more efforts to shred at Superpark…), but I have still been getting outside. I’ve done a bit of bike riding, but quite a bit of hiking. It’s still a bit too muddy for bikes in Vail.Today I got up at 4 am to ride a line in Missouri Mountains, one of a large cluster of 14′ers outside of Leadville, CO. My friends Jason Curry and Colby Degrechie were excited about it too.It’s a 10.5 mile, 4500 ft. vert climb/hike/tour. Certainly my longest with such a heavy bag. Unfortunately, the weather heated up too quickly and we had to back down from the lines. I wanted one so bad, but you have to keep it safe with it being so hot this time of year.

Winded at 6 am.
Nearing timberline.
Oh man, the line I want looks too fun.
I had some fun mellow turns instead.
Curry too.
Maybe next time, if there is a next time