My most recent literary delight came to me from Ingrid. As I am patiently awaiting my next surgery, she has brought me an armful of books to occupy my time and it is no surprise to me that the first book I sat down to read has been a refreshing step away from The Omnivore's Dilemma.A Spot of Bother, with it's quite humorous dialog, was a much needed change of pace in my readings as of late. I hadn't even looked at the book jacket, just sat down and started to flip pages. I knew nothing of Mark Haddon prior and had no idea that I would be looking forward to reading this book while I was at P.T.A Spot of Bother is a story of a damaged family falling apart and taping things up again. Haddon paints, not the most pretty picture, of a dignified man trying to go insane politely (after discovering a lesion on his hip) while the rest of his family attempts to put the pieces back together."Eventually you realize that other people's problems are other people's problems."Haddon, articulately, kept me engrossed while the dialog flipped and flopped between family members and their takes on their "dying father." If you've got the time on your hands, Mark Haddon's, National Bestseller, A Spot of Bother is a highly entertaining read.