As the Janky Crew sits in the lap of luxury here in the Ghetto in the Meadow apartments in Tahoe City, sunny California, it is apparent that spring is here and summer's just about to get popping. We've been gettin' busy with what's left of the snow, though: riding park at Boreal, BC booters up in Donner, building our own park jumps, large rail features- you name it.

Shredding $15 Fridays at Boreal (rate it here:

Phil boosting our park jump we made

Our dope up-rail at the top-secret Janky SuperPark Mountain Lab:

Timmy mid cork 5 blunt on the Warlock jump up in Donner Pass. This was the smooothest, longest lip, and super floaty

But to backtrack a bit to Alta... it was a fucking urneal season. Our December pow edit, notice the length! (on NS here:

Tyler Smith on a sleeper day:

Justin about to slay a line in Wolvie

Big jump basking in the morning sun

Justin hitting the big jump

Connor McCarthy... using a tree to spin? Only video will help to clarify how he did this

Our edit from February (

And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our teaser dropping soon. Here's the evidence that we're actually working on it:

Thanks to our photographically-inclined friends-

Jeremy Koons |

Noah Wetzel |

Brent Leyerle (no website)