April 3rd, 2014

6:00 p.m.

I look out the window to see large snowflakes falling and accumulating on the ground below me. The first snowstorm of April awaits us. I could barely contain myself enough to get good rest that night. Getting a "powder day" in Minnesota seems more rare than finding a needle in haystack.

April 4th, 2014

8:00 a.m.

Despite my exhausted body, I perk up to the sound of my alarm. 10 inches overnight, this means powder. I'm ready a solid thirty minutes before my ride comes and dream of the turns I could be having.

11:00 a.m.

Seeing that we got pounded on snow overnight, the roads were pretty awful. About three miles from the resort, we hit ice on a county road and slid into a ditch. Luckily, it really wasn't that bad, but we were unable to push ourselves out of what seemed like an easy fix.

11:30 a.m.

Some Good Samaritan offered to help us out! However, whatever he attached his webbing to, broke something on the car making it un-drivable, alas, a tow was necessary.

12:20 p.m.

Our good friend Kolya came to save us and get us to the hill, the tow truck came, we got sandwiches, and the day seemed to be on its way. Finally. Smooth sailing in the morning, we didn't get pow laps because there wasn't really pow to be had. Instead we indulged in slushy, heavy snow, and some tow rope laps. That's what the Midwest is for anyways. It was a day of spring skiing at it's finest, but unfortunately, the bad luck wasn't over.

Probably the only really good part of the day was playing with these Huskies we found

3:30 p.m.

I'm not really sure what we were attempting to accomplish, but 8 skiers intertwined, while attempting to go down the hill ended up in one large yard sale and a trip to ski patrol, and Kolya, who should be rewarded in karma for rescuing us, possibly is stuck with a re-torn meniscus.

7:00 p.m.

After the struggles of the day, by the time the lifts all closed down, we were pretty stoked to get out of there. But wait, we couldn't leave, because another friend had left with our car keys in his pocket.

We eventually got out of there, I got home to realized I had forgotten my skis laying in the snow bank in the parking lot, and the exhaustion from the day had caught up to me. I can't say I had an entirely bad day, because fun spring skiing was had. However, the misfortune that accumulated due to the series of unfortunate events was a little bit ridiculous. By morning the next day I went off and found my skis (!!!!), and the luck turned tables for the remainder of the weekend.

Have you had days too ugly to be true?