Day 2 was another warm one with the weather causing thick, slushy in runs. No world record today but tomorrow is another day and we're confident its going to happen. Simon looked a little more alive today than yesterday. He deserves a ton of respect for the crazy amount of work Schmuck said he was putting in at JOSS for ten days then he flies 24+ hours to Maine, sleeps five hours, and attempts a world record.He's a machine. Show him some love! Some cool things that DID happen today:-We've got someone from FIS here that will witness and submit the record to Guinness World Book. He works here at Sunday River and his nickname is Bear. No joke. Guy skis around with a Teddy Bear strapped to his chest. -Dumont's family is here cheering him on which is cool. His father Francis has some of the best one liners I've ever heard.-Heat Harvest goes down next week sometime. A team from Lake Placid, NY won (go NY!) No Bib Jib and got the invite to attend. Some cool features I've heard about are turning the current tube park into a rail heaven under the lights while a band cranks out the jams and a really unique jump feature that is surround with rails. Should be cool to see what the final project ends up looking like. Again this is just hear say. -There's about 200 kids from England here. They're about high school age and are littered all over the Grand Summit Hotel. I have about seven 16 year old British girls staying directly below me.......Not really that interesting but funny none the less. Simon's video from JOSS is up on It's a really great segment that blends the skiing, photography, and videography nicely. I'll update more tomorrow as I'm off to the steak and gun party at Simon's parents house (I'll throw photos up later!).Keep checking NS and stay positive! -Rogge*NoteThe "secret story" reference was a tongue-in-cheek joke. Obviously I knew this thing was posted all over the forums but Red Bull wanted it quiet so calling it a "secret story" was a joke. Come on NS'ers! You've got to catch those! You're better than that! :-)