The same chairlift used to carry the load from wagons up the notoriously steep and deadly Lolo pass on the Oregon trail. Built in 1827, it serviced around 1,600 travelers. Decommissioned in 1839 as newer technology became available. The lift sat dormant for over 50 years until the Harvey County Historical Museum, located in Burns, Oregon resurrected the lift for it's display on American Pioneering. In 1963 the chairlift was purchased by a newly opened ski center in Queensbury NY. " I think it's amazing to be able to save a piece of history and put it back into use"- replied Cady Stanton when interviewed at the grand unveiling. Here you will still finding it today, making it the oldest and longest operating chairlift in the United States. Local teacher and long time community member Brenda Wallisch had this to say to New York Times reporters,"I think it's amazing we're able to share this artifact with our children today. It really helps to give them hands on experience with learning about history. They're able to not only see but experience the hardships faced by travelers nearly 200 years ago. You just can't get that kind of impact from a text book alone". And so the ski lift remains. You can visit the ski center on West Mountain Road in Queensbury, NY 8a.m.-4p.m. 7 days a week and take a ride on your own little piece of history.