Good tidings,

This is G-funkalicious contacting ya’ll from the southern hemisphere.

“Well I’m living in a foreign country, but I’m bound to cross the line,

beauty walks a razor edge, and someday I’ll make it mine.” Mr. Dylan. 

The last two months have been full of shenanigans; it would take hours

to describe them all. Here’s a short list of highlights:

I skied tons and tons of powder (Mauri skiing in this photo),

won some pesos,

went out with some ladies,

made friends in high places,

represent a beer company,

and learned a little more about life.   


best moments I’ve had so far are with my friends, campers, and the

mountain.  I give mad props to my bro’s: Skylar Holgate who has the

hottest Argentine girlfriend, Mauricio Cambilla, the one who saved us

gringos in Argentina,

and Jordan Seldin the myth himself.

These are just a few names off the list! 

Next up are the campers that traveled from the other side of the world and made me stoked everyday. 


crew of skiers destroyed everything, everyday. All I can say is that

we've ruled the Americas once again.  I would love to share more than

the story and photos below, but dinner is ready and I need a solid diet

for skiing everyday.   Talk to ya'll on the flip side.

Hasta luego,



Santa Rosa, is it a myth or just a lucky

strike of weather? I’ve experienced it all before, the anticipation,

the hope, and the doubt.  I believe it exists though, because once

again, it’s puking fiercely outside and it’s the beginning of


This year: Bariloche Argentina has experienced one of the best winters since 1984, the year I was born.  JFYI.


my friends are claiming that they’re sick of riding powder. I almost

feel the same way, but I think its called being spoiled.


season coaching at South American Snow Sessions, I shredded with a wide

assortment of skiers each of whom contributed their own unique style

and energy to the group.  I skied with my heroes and with kids that

made skiing a form of art.  Teaching people how to ski powder is an eye

opener.  I was just as confused as they were.  My terminology was like

a foreign language, all they understood was “point your skis down the

hill and power your turns so the snow moves.”  Everyday, everyone was

stoked on something; there was always some story to be shared.

With people like Pep Fujas, Dash Longe,

James Heim,


Cambilla, Jordan Selden, Takashi Hirose, and myself, the skier crew

represented skiing how I’ve always dreamt of it.  Now I’m off to Las

Leñas, with the last skier camper.  I can’t come down to Argentina

without going to my second home L.L.  Even though it’s going to be

bluebird soon, with tons of new snow. I can’t get enough of those crazy


Squiggles - Frey Line

Getting up there

The ride down

SASS has been going on for three years.  It started off with two or

three campers in Las Leñas. This year we had around 140 associates, in

eight weeks.  I thought the locals hated us for while, but then they

found out how deep we roll. 

Now everyone wants one of our

jerseys or bandanas.  I don’t know what is in store for our future down

here.  All I know is, the last three years in Argentina cannot be

explained in words!   I thank everyone who endured this adventure, and

gave traveling a chance!

I think traveling, like skiing is a crazy drug.  I can’t get enough of it. In the next two months I hope to conquer this:


Las Leñas I’ll go to Mendoza, Mendoza to Cusco, Peru. From there I’m

off into the Amazon, to hang out with my mom then back to Mendoza.

After that I plan to go to Ushuaia, the furthest south ski area in the

world.  Next, back to Buenos Aires, and from there, Uruguay.  By then

it should be November 3rd and I’ll be on my way home to my car, in

Mammoth Lakes California.  I guess I’d rather be poor ski bum and

travel than having a house.  It’s hard at times but the experiences are

worth more than gold, at least in my eyes.